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Your Guide to the Hearlink Site

Sunday, February 25, 2018 7:09:33 AM Australia/Melbourne

Your Guide to the Hearlink SiteYou asked and we listened. You said, “hey Hearlink team, where can I go to learn exactly how to navigate this wonderful site of yours?” It seems like a valid enough request to us and we’re happy to oblige. This article will be the only one that you’ll need to read, whether you’re brand new to our site and industry, or if you’re an age-old expert. We like to think that we can offer new and evergreen content on here on a regular basis and it serves many purposes. The end all be all is that we educate and inform those who visit this site and ensure that they leave feeling like they can own and dictate their health journey.


Let’s start with our main page. This is the hub, your one-stop shop. It’s home to our mission, which is engrained in everything that we do and say. Some wake up and repeat affirmations the shape their days, the Hearlink team gets together and ensures that we’re truly living the ethos that we share. Need a refresher? At HEARLINK we're here to help you with every aspect of your hearing health, whether it's loss prevention, testing, finding hearing aids or other solutions that will help you hear better. We promise to always provide professional services with integrity, competence, objectivity and independence.


Seems straight-forward enough, right? Next up, let’s review the services that we offer:

  • Comprehensive balance disorder investigation tests
  • Hearing conservation services to industry
  • Victorian WorkSafe and TAC patients
  • Wireless communication devices for the home and work
  • Government funded hearing services to eligible pensioners
  • Comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluations for all ages including newborn
  • Provision of the latest in hearing aids technology


As mentioned, we like to be a one-stop shop for patients and providers alike. That’s why our services run the gamut. We are always looking to expand on these offerings and keep a strict eye on the industry. That’s something that you can come to expect in the News portion of the site. Here you’ll find articles like this one, detailing information that we believe will be helpful for you and your health journey. Posts include product and service reviews, updates to the services that we can provide, as well as more broad entertaining and informative Web articles for your enjoyment.


One of the questions that we most frequently receive is who exactly is on our team? Our hearing clinic has a robust team that offers decades of expertise and experience. It includes audiologists, audiometrists, technical and clerical staff. While we bring unique personalities and skillsets to the table, there are a few common denominators. Our favourite? The level of severity that we apply when providing excellent healthcare and rehabilitation.


We shared that we are always looking to expand on our offerings and your feedback plays a pivotal role in this space. We wholeheartedly invite feedback, questions and concerns so feel free to give the Hearlink team a shout. We’d love to hear from you.

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