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Your Audiology News for the Week

Friday, May 13, 2016 8:08:51 AM Australia/Melbourne

Your Audiology News for the WeekHere at Hearlink, we’re dedicated to providing a comprehensive look into our industry and how it continues to change and evolve. It astounds us sometimes, the number of medical advancements that can occur in such a short period of time. It also inspires us to stay on the cusp of news related to our field. We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re passionate about sharing our stories with our valued community of customers and patients. To that end, we love to share the top stories currently in audiology news:


Sonova prepares to acquire Audionova for 830 million Euros- This acquisition has been widely circulated for a while. As far back as February there was much speculation, communicated by Bloomburg that the sale would occur. Now it is official. AudioNova is a leader in the distribution of hearing aids in countries throughout Europe and beyond. They have about 1,300 centers in eight countries. This buyout will create an even larger giant in the industry. You can read the full story here.


Hearing loss and tinnitus in military personnel- The Washington Post covered the experience of soldier Stephen Carlson. Carlson served two tours in Afghanistan and suffered severe damage to his eardrums after a bomb went off nearby. Thanks to both surgery and hearing aids, he has retained some of his hearing but this article is an honest showcase of how often this can occur, and how serious it can be, when in the military. Though hearing impairments for military personnel are frequently minor, the volume impacted is staggering. The US Veterans Affairs Department pays over 1 billion US dollars each year for disability payments on severe hearing loss. You can read the fully story here.


Self-fitting hearing aids: a solution for remote areas? A group from the National Acoustic Laboratory and Hearing CRC, New South Wales have published a review of self-fitting hearing aids. Self-fitting hearing aids are self-contained units which the users have adjust with no access to an internet connection or related hardware. They need no assistance from a hearing professional in order to have them fitted. This type of system is being considered especially beneficial in remote areas and in developing countries. However, the research of the group does point out many roadblocks and challenges which would need to be worked through. These include but are not limited to affordability, sustainability, delivery, clarity of instructions and an intuitive response interface. Those involved in the study believe that the popularity of these devices may increase over the coming years and that they may have a place in the mainstream hearing impairment device industry. Only time will tell. You can read the full story here.


The Hearlink team is impassioned to share the industry stories that seem interesting and applicable to us. But what do you want to hear? Keep us posted with your feedback—the stories that you’re the most interested in and those that you’re not. We’re excited to hear from you.  

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