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Worried About Traveling with Hearing Loss? Here are Some Tips and Tricks

Wednesday, July 6, 2016 8:03:52 PM Australia/Melbourne

Worried About Traveling with Hearing Loss?It doesn’t matter what season it is, there is most likely some sort of travel for you on the horizon. Whether you’re traveling ten minutes or ten hours, it’s likely to invoke a certain level of stress. Even if you’re not dealing with hearing impairment, you’re looking at the adventure of packing, the mystery of whether your means of travel will arrive on time, and the classic question of how well your seating neighbor will behave. Factor in hearing loss, and you’ve got yourself a bit of a quandary. Well, no longer. Hearlink is continuously dedicated to proving and sharing that those with hearing impairments cannot just lead normal lives, they can lead enriched lives. Here is a look at traveling with hearing impairment, what to watch out for and workarounds for the more stressful elements.


We won’t sugarcoat it, there are common problems that are amplified (no pun intended) by hearing impairment. These include difficulty scheduling reservations, inability to hear the ring of the hotel room telephone or a knock on the door if room service decides to surprise you with Champagne and steak. They also include a challenge listening to the directives of your flight attendants, or even difficulty navigating public communication systems like telephone booths. Those with hearing dogs may not be able to understand or communicate with those responsible for sharing specific plans as they relate to the travel of the dogs.


Now that we’ve gotten those out of the way, let’s talk about the solutions. We recommend making all of your travel arrangements in one fell swoop. If possible, work with a travel agent who can coordinate your flight, any rental cars you’ll need, a hotel room and even activities to occupy your days. If you let the travel agent know up front of your impairment, you’re not only sure to find someone that can help, but hopefully someone who will go above and beyond in ensuring your travels are smooth.  We also recommend getting everything in writing. Your travel information and your reservation information can be found on the internet. Thank you, technology! Print out copies of everything you think you’ll possibly need. When in doubt, print two copies. There’s no better way to avoid undue stress than ensuring you’re properly prepared.


Common sense plays an important role in your travel as well. Make sure that you arrive at the airport, train station or port well in advance of your departure. This will ensure that you’re cool as a cucumber by the time you’re supposed to leave. There will most likely be display boards around your vicinity. It never hurts to check these a few times. With public transport these days, a last minute change of the location of your departure should come as no surprise.


We will continue to share more tips around traveling with hearing impairments over the coming months. What are some helpful hints and tips that you’d like to share with the Hearlink audience? We’d love to hear, so reach out to any of our team members, anytime.

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