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How Women Can Improve Their Diets and Their Hearing

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 8:50:30 AM Australia/Melbourne

How Women Can Improve Their Diets and Their HearingWe’re always trying to improve our general health – or at least we should be! Gen Z, or anyone born after 1997 is the least active generation in all of history. Heart disease is on the rise – in fact, it seems like a new disease is either discovered or on the rise, every day. A common misconception is that hearing loss, or any other health challenge is limited to just that system or function within the body. That’s not the case. In fact, left unchecked, issues like hearing loss will only spread to and impact other areas of your health. So, today’s post, is a bit of a one-two punch. We’re talking about how women can eat healthier and improve their hearing.


We’re not being sexist here, but this post is specifically written for our female readers. Women have different dietary needs than men do, and so there are dietary adjustments they can make which wouldn’t have the same effect on men. The opposite is true as well. So, let’s dive into a specific study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital. They’re now stating that a healthy diet could bring down hearing loss in women by more than 30 percent.


The audience was made up of more than 70,000 nurses and lasted a while – 22 years to be exact. The study focused on three different types of diets. The first was the Alternate Mediterranean Diet. The second was the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Finally, they took a look at the effects of the Alternative Healthy Eating Index. The results were mixed, according to epidemiologist Dr. Sharon Curhan:


“Vegetables and fruits, and nuts and legumes, and whole grains and healthy fats – in particular olive oil, as well as moderate alcohol intake.”


In summary, it wasn’t and isn’t just one diet that will have the most success, it’s a pattern of healthy eating. She did however, share that there are definitely things to avoid. Balance is key, but minimum intake of refined sugars, processed meat, red meat, grains and fruit juices is optimal for maximum success.


There’s hope for those that love sugar, less-healthy foods are alright to consume as long as it’s in moderation.


What’s up next? Many more studies to come. Researchers would hope to isolate particular foods in each of the dietary plans to determine the exact effect they have on hearing loss. The other big question is the “why?” piece of this. Why would food have an impact on your hearing? Is it certain vitamins? Is it avoiding other nutrients? There is definitely more science to come in this space.


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