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What Professionalism Means to Hearlink

Monday, May 9, 2016 10:25:48 AM Australia/Melbourne

The Hearlink team is incredibly proud of the profession that we pursue. We are fortunate to be backed by a positive and supportive infrastructure within the Australian government and groups around the country. We’ve all joined this team for different reasons—whether that’s a family member that has been impacted by hearing loss, or an inspiration in someone we know, that drives us to want to make a difference in the hearing care revolution of this country and beyond.


In the past, we’ve shared what you can expect from your Hearlink team. We’ve shared how dynamic your relationship will be with your Hearlink team member. The continuity of communication and the transparency of all communications is just one of many things that you can come to expect.


What Professionalism Means to HearlinkProfessionalism is another facet of our ethos which we built this organization around. Professionalism can take many different meanings, and they’re all very important to us. We want to ensure not only that our customers and patients feel safe and comfortable in our hands, but that their families and loved ones do as well. To that point, here is what professionalism means to the team at Hearlink-


Professionalism means showing up on time. You will never need to worry about tardiness when it comes to your Hearlink team member. Your time is valuable and you’ve chosen to spend it with us. That means that world to us. We are again, fortunate, that this industry is flooded with top-notch care providers, with whom you have the option to work. But you’ve chosen Hearlink. We believe you’ve chosen right and well, and we thank you.


Professionalism means a range of options. Hearing loss treatment, hearing care, audiology—it’s not an off-the-shelf science. It’s a range of customized solutions, tailored to your needs. It’s a range of customized solutions also tailored to your budget. Healthcare can be very expensive and there’s nothing worse than a provider who isn’t on your side. We will walk through a sliding scale of options with our patients and customers. We will compare and contrast the benefit stories as they compare to the price. We will ensure that you leave feeling resolute in the path that you’ve chosen.


Professionalism means following through. This is so unbelievably important to us. Our relationship doesn’t begin and end in one conversation or one visit. Our relationship grows and evolves over time as we determine what works best for you. Want to be communicated with via email, and email only? No problem. Want to be communicated with frequently and fast, as soon as we have the information that you’ve requested? Again, this is no problem. We are impassioned about the work that we do and the continued growth of processes and treatment options in the industry. We want to share these with you and help you to learn. We want you to be your biggest advocate. Well, maybe your second. We’re a pretty tough advocate to beat.


Questions? Reach out to the Hearlink team. We’d love to talk.

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