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What Can You Expect During an Appointment?

Friday, March 11, 2016 8:45:02 AM Australia/Melbourne

Did you know that a survey taken in 2006 discovered that one in every six Australians suffer from hearing loss? Experts say that this figure may increase to one in every four Australians by the year 2050 alone. These numbers show that ear disorders including but not limited to hearing loss are more common than you may think. They also come at a great cost to any community.


What Can You Expect During an Appointment?The best way to tackle this issue heads on is to be proactive. This means regularly scheduling check-ups with your doctor. If your doctor sees any issues at all and recommends visiting an audiologist, it’s definitely in your best interests to pursue their recommendation.


Many of our first time patients are leery about what an appointment entails. They may have heard horror stories of experiences gone wrong, or they think that audiologist’s services come with a huge price tag attached. Here at Hearlink, we’d like to dispel both of these rumors. We’d like to paint an accurate picture for what you can come to expect at an appointment with any of our audiologists.


The first thing that we’ll do in any appointment is to take a thorough history. It’s important to know if any other members of your family have not only hearing related issues, but all illnesses and injuries. You may be surprised to learn of the distant connection that different maladies may have on the quality of your hearing. Knowing your family’s health history can circumvent a lot of unnecessary conversations to determine what the source of your impairment might be.


Next we’ll examine your ear drums and test your hearing. We pride ourselves on using the most premium equipment in the industry. As noted in previous posts on this blog, the Hearlink team loves researching and reading about industry trends. It’s in-part due to this passion and dedication that we can ensure we never miss new research on cutting-edge tools and process efficiencies.


There are a couple of essential elements to any comprehensive hearing test. These include an air conduction test, which helps to identify the softest sounds you can hear. This is performed using headphones. These also include bone conduction testing, a test using a headphone which will vibrate the bones in your skull and deliver sound straight to the inner ear. This localizes the hearing loss. The trifecta is completed with speech testing, which is used to determine your ability to comprehend words. Speech tests can be especially important because they can determine if the issues at hand aren’t related to hearing at all, but instead related to the auditory system.


After completion of testing, one of our audiology experts will sit down and walk you through all of the results. We will be completely transparent and we will be communicative in the treatment options that we’d recommend. Depending on cost, we’ll aim to have a few different options for you to explore and we can discuss the pros and the cons of each.


Questions? Feel free to reach out to any of the Hearlink team members. We’ll be happy to help.

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