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What is Aural Rehabilitation?

Saturday, January 20, 2018 8:30:31 AM Australia/Melbourne

What is Aural Rehabilitation?It’s a new year and there are many new exciting terms within audiology to educate our valuable customer base about. As you know, it’s an integral part of the Hearlink culture, to ensure that our patients and customers are fully up to speed on innovations, technologies and product efficiencies across the industry. Armed with the right knowledge, you’re set up for success to make the decisions for your health the best. Today, we’re kicking things off with aural rehabilitation, which is gaining traction in many bodies of scientific research.


Many are probably wondering, what is aural rehabilitation? Aural rehabilitation is a process where you can identify and diagnose degree of hearing loss and then provide different types of therapies and devices. Sounds pretty similar to general audiology, right? Aural rehab uses specific procedures leveraging aural remedies like voice therapy. It’s a big part of overall rehabilitation but it’s a bit more cross-specialty, relying on physicians, speech-language pathologists and audiologists.


It’s been a hot button topic in different scientific papers and today, we’re digging deeper into one by Dr. Hull. Dr. Hull is the coordinator of the Doctor of Audiology Program at Wichita University in Wichita, KS. He’s an expert on the subject and has published many books and papers on rehabilitative audiology and interpersonal communication.


Aural rehabilitation has been around for a while, about 40 years, albeit sometimes under a different name. There’s been a major debate in the background about what to call this service and what exactly it entails. Dr. Hull in particular is an advocate for coming up for a more specific name. He’s conducted many surveys and focus groups where the participants are confused as to what aural rehabilitation is and what it entails. He even references a funny experience where he witnessed a car bumper sticker that read, “what is an audiologist?” He reflects on this experience with comedy, saying he almost drove off of the road!


After seeing this bumper sticker, Dr. Hull decided that he’d had enough. It was time to put a clear and concise name to this branch of audiology, and moreover, ensure that everyone knows what audiology is and how important it is. He put together a group of both speech-language pathologists and audiologists and posed an important question to them – “If you were given the opportunity to give the service that we have traditionally called ‘aural rehabilitation’ a new name, what would you call it?”


Hearlink thought it would be valuable to share their feedback-


  • Hearing Rehabilitation- 22
  • Auditory Rehabilitation- 20
  • Hearing Therapy- 12
  • Listening Therapy- 6
  • Auditory Retraining- 4
  • Auditory Management- 3
  • Auditory Therapy- 3
  • Listening Rehabilitation- 2
  • Communication Repair Strategies- 1
  • Use three categories as needed- 1
  • Hearing Rehabilitation
  • Hearing Aid Rehabilitation
  • Communication Rehabilitation Hearing Improvement Therapy- 1
  • Hearing and Listening Therapy- 1
  • Communication Management- 1
  • Hearing Loss Management Therapy- 1
  • Listening Training- 1
  • Hearing and Listening Therapy- 1
  • Communication Rehabilitation- 1
  • Communication Therapy- 1
  • Auditory Habilitation- 1


As you can see, the responses run the gamut and cover many of the buzzwords that you commonly see here on Hearlink. The research will continue to determine if this is just a piece of the puzzle when it comes to hearing loss, or if aural rehabilitation will take off as the next clue to ensuring an end to the rise of hearing loss.

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