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Let’s Hear it for the Ladies—Well Known Women with Hearing Loss

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 1:55:00 PM Australia/Melbourne

Well Known Women with Hearing LossAs the year winds down, Hearlink is one of many companies who is putting things into perspective. We’re taking stock in the year, and discussing both the highlights and the lowlights. We don’t believe that there’s a crux or pinnacle of success in our industry, rather an ever-elusive finish line that we hope to never catch. That’s why December is such an important time period for us. We’re laughing at some of our adventures and patting ourselves on our backs for others. And we’re looking at culture in general. We’re discussing important events this year and we’re talking about important people. While today’s post is not about stars of 2016 specifically, it is about a timeless list of ladies who could make the list any year. We’re talking, about well-known women who suffer from hearing loss. Let’s take a look:


Jane Lynch- you may know her best from her role in the American television show, Glee, but Ms. Lynch has appeared in more than 20 television shows and movies. She also did not even realize that she suffered from hearing loss until she was already seven-years-old! Today, she champions audiology and research around hearing impairments.


Whoopi Goldberg- Whoopi Goldberg is an actress and performer who’s not afraid to get loud. But it might be this specific attribute that has caused her hearing loss in both ears. Today, she wears hearing aids and shares that it was probably her love of louder music that impacted her hearing at such a young age.


Halle Berry- Halle Berry is known for both her beauty and brains, winning awards in countries all over the world. She was also the victim of domestic abuse more than twenty years ago, when her boyfriend at the time, beat her repeatedly in the ear. Because of this, she lost more than 80% of her hearing in her left ear. This has not deterred her from being a trailblazer in her field, as well as raising important awareness about both hearing loss and domestic abuse.


Jodie Foster- Remember young Jodie Foster in the movie Silence of the Lambs? She’s come a long way since then, directing movies like Money Monster and starring in dozens more. Jodie is a celebrity who is famously mum about anything related to her personal life. In a brief escape from this, she shared with an American magazine that she’s not very good at taking care of her personal health. She even specifically called out a hearing loss issue. In addition to her hearing loss, Jodie also suffers from vertigo. She has been spotted at work and on the town, wearing a hearing aid.


The hearing impaired community is full of rockstars, no matter what their profession or notoriety. We thank you for letting Hearlink be a part of your lives this year, and hope that we have helped to make a difference. Look for more posts in the coming weeks about what 2016 will mean for us.

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