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Vestibular Testing

Wednesday, December 2, 2015 5:08:18 PM Australia/Melbourne

Hearlink specializes in a variety of elements of audiology. We will make it a point to describe these in depth at regular intervals on the blog so that you can feel comfortable with the breadth of our services and our expertise in audiology.


Vestibular TestingOne of these is Vestibular Testing. Vestibular Testing is composed of a number of tests that aid in determining what (if anything) may be wrong with the vestibular portion of the inner ear. The vestibular portion of the inner ear is what controls balance. The tests associated can help isolate dizziness as a symptom and identify the specific cause so that it can be treated properly.


In addition to dizziness, vestibular testing is also effective at identifying conditions like benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, and perilympth fistula (occurs commonly post head injuries or concussions) and bilateral vestibular ototoxicity (a side effect caused by certain medications).


So why get Vestibular tests? Dizziness is scary, and sometimes hard to get to the root cause of. If it’s not caused by the inner ear, it may very well be caused by the brain. It can also be caused by vastly different medical disorders like blood pressure or even by anxiety or other psychological problems. The diagnoses run the gamut, as you can see.


Up until recently, dizziness was diagnosed by standard clinical examinations, which included a brief look at the inner year. But studies over the last few years have shown that vestibular testing that focuses specifically on the inside of the ear are far more accurate. Hearing pathway tests can help identify and are frequently used in tandem with vestibular tests.

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