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Updates Show White Noise Machines May Damage Children’s Hearing

Monday, May 15, 2017 2:54:00 PM Australia/Melbourne

Updates Show White Noise Machines May Damage Children’s HearingIn a day and age where we second guess everything we eat, drink, do and see, it seems like we live in a culture of worry. Forget the oil that previous generations slathered over their bodies while relaxing in the sun, now that’s the biggest cause of skin cancer. Technologies that used to seem like helpful game changers, may now elicit radio waves which could damage our brains. It’s a little halting to creativity, and to men and women of all ages that are trying to change the world. That being said, better safe than sorry, right? That’s why it’s part of Hearlink’s responsibility to report on what we learn, on this blog. When we empower our valued customers and readers with the information to make healthy decisions, we’ve already won half the battle.


In the past, we’ve shared multiple posts about the value of white noise machines. Especially for finicky babies, or those who have difficulty sleeping, white noise machines can be pure magic. Now new studies have been released that these same machines that are so helpful after birth, can actually lead to major hearing loss, later in life.


Of course, this is especially timely, with more and more men and women increasingly dependent on hearing aids. And these hearing aids aren’t your mom and pop solutions anymore. New bells, whistles, enhancements and adjustments are being added with each new model on the market. Pretty soon they’ll be in charge of our all sensory responses! This only increases the level of necessity of determining the safety of things like white noise machines. For those unfamiliar, white noise machines help mask background noise like machines, traffic, sounds of the house and conversations. They’re especially helpful at lulling young babies to sleep.


The particular study we want to highlight today, took place at the University of Toronto. It took a look at 14 different models of white noise machines, with more than 60 different types of noises. It unearthed that the noises created by the white noise machines are actually amplified to unhealthy levels for the ear canals of children that young. This is what causes hearing loss when its continuously repeated. The noises of the machines tested could reach up to 92.6 decibels. For context, 85 decibels is the workplace limit for adults.


The other challenge that this study revealed was unnecessary dependency. While these machines have been very successful, some families have found that even after extended amounts of time, the children become dependent upon them and can’t sleep otherwise.


As you might imagine, professionals were pretty stunned by these findings. It just goes to show that nothing in science is static and unchanging. New studies are being released every day and it’s incredibly important for us to stay current. As hearing professionals, we’re only more encouraged to do as much homework as possible and ensure that we’re painting a comprehensive picture for our valued patients and readers.


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