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Three Common Reasons to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids

Thursday, September 21, 2017 11:17:07 AM Australia/Melbourne

Three Common Reasons to Upgrade Your Hearing AidsAs you know, the Hearlink site and blog are great hubs to learn about the best new trends in audiology. These include products and processes, as scientists refine and enhance the best ways to optimize your hearing. Hearing loss and hearing impairments know no age boundaries, they know no demographic parameters, they can happen to anyone. Luckily, hearing aids have played a really vital role in ensuring that those who suffer from either can still live their best lives. But unfortunately, hearing aids don’t last forever. This isn’t because brands and companies are trying to suck money from you, they’re not; It’s because the hearing aids continue to become better and better, and there is no reason why you should miss out.


That being said, there are definitely bad reasons and good reasons to switch out a hearing aid or shop for a new one. Today, we’re focusing on the good. Read on for three of the more common situations where the Hearlink team would recommend that it’s time for a new and improved hearing aid:


Your hearing has changed. If you have any degree of hearing loss, it’s strongly recommended that you visit your audiologist or at least your general doctor on a regular basis (annually, at least), to discuss any changes in the quality of your hearing. If conversations that used to be audible are suddenly more difficult to comprehend, it may be time to switch to a new hearing aid. Your doctor will provide the best recommendation, but it never hurts to ask.


Your lifestyle is shifting. Maybe you grew up in a rural area, and suddenly your family is making a move to a much more urban neighbourhood. Maybe the reverse is true. Either way, the environment around you plays a key role in how much a hearing aid can help your hearing. If you’re surrounded by honking cars, you’re going to need a bit stronger of a hearing aid, than someone who goes to sleep with a soundtrack of crickets. If you’re making a move, again- consult an expert, who may be able to help.


You want to challenge your hearing a bit more. The vast majority of those impacted by hearing loss seek hearing aids to help stabilize their quality of life. But there is a growing audience that is looking for more. This audience is in luck because technology is improving each and every day. Technology is developing listening performance-focused hearing aids, which can do amazing things like save unique listening preferences. Newer hearing aids combine the devices which we rely on, like our phones, and our music speakers; Ear-to-ear technology helps your hearing aids communicate better, with each other.


Of course, just like every person is different, so is every case of hearing loss. Feel free to reach out to the Hearlink team with any questions that you may have. We’ll point you in the direction of the hearing solution which makes the most sense for you!

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