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There’s an App For Your Hearing Loss?

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 6:29:52 PM Australia/Melbourne

“There’s an app for that,” seems to be quite the joke for millennials. Wondering where the nearest upscale restaurant is? There’s an app for that. Trying to confirm if your flight time has changed and what airport gate you should be heading to? There’s an app for that. Not having some sort of mobile presence as a company seems to be the exception, no longer the rule. And for good reason. When your business’ mission and function are readily accessible to consumers with a user friendly experience, your appeal will skyrocket. They’ll be able to access your product more quickly, more easily, more successfully. Why wouldn’t you give it a shot?


Several giants in the hearing loss prevention industry have jumped on this train to huge success. Thanks to research pulled together by Starkey, here are a look at several apps which can help retain and maximize your hearing ability:


There’s an App For Your Hearing Loss?TruLink Hearing Control- TruLink Hearing Control has capitalized on our obsession with our cellular devices. When they’re slightly out of reach, we feel totally lost. With this app, you can connect your hearing aid and set up an array of controls so that your hearing aid truly lives the way that you want it to. You can adjust the volume levels, control it remotely and even set up memories based on environments or times of day that you want your hearing device to operate in a different way. One standout feature is the “noise check” feature. It’s been tested at loud sporting events to ensure that quick adjustments to your hearing aids are seamless.


Hear Coach- Listening Games for Auditory Rehabilitation- We forget that hearing loss impacts a variety of other functions of your brain, and pretty much every part of your day to day life. This includes the way your brain communicates with the other parts of your body. When you suffer from hearing loss, it can be really tough to teach yourself to identify and understand the noises around you. This app focuses on assisting with this education process. Hear Coach offers a whole range of games, which can push your cognitive abilities. The result? Maximized sharpness when you’re listening to life around you.


Starkey Relax- Starkey Relax is geared towards those suffering from tinnitus. Because tinnitus is characterized by symptoms which can disrupt daily lifestyle patterns or choices, stress levels can rise rapidly. This app is free of charge and designed to share 12 varying relaxation soundtracks. It also helps educate users about tinnitus and the best ways to minimize its effects. Users have found this app to be especially personalized. There is even a “Create” feature which lets the users make slight adjustments to the soundtrack they’ve selected, in order to have the best experience possible.


While these apps are making great strides in the hearing loss prevention arena, we’re sure that others won’t be too far behind them. Continue to check in to the Hearlink blog, for industry updates, and ways to make your hearing loss journey, a much simpler one.

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