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Staying Educated About Hearing Impairments

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 10:28:40 AM Australia/Melbourne

When you first learn that you or a loved one has a hearing impairment, it can be a great shock to the system. You’re going to feel a deluge of emotions, but most of all- you’re probably going to feel really lost. That’s a terrible way to feel. You don’t know what’s up or down, or how to proceed.


We’ve shared on the Hearlink blog the values that we hold dear, the mission that we were founded on and the goals that we aim meet and exceed. All of these tie back to widespread awareness about hearing impairments. We want to arm not only our patients, but the community at large about what a hearing impairment is, the different types and the many, many resources available to you during treatment, rehabilitation and recovery. These are written for the patients themselves, and these are written for family and friends who just want to know how to interact, support and advocate.


Staying Educated About Hearing ImpairmentsWhile the Hearlink site is probably our number one recommendation for information, (hey, we’re a little bit biased), there are also so many other resources out on the Web that you can explore. Maybe you just want a brief overview to stay informed. Maybe you need a deep dive on a specific hearing impairment and how to navigate potentially rough waters ahead. And maybe, you need a community to start or contribute to really important conversations out there in the audiology world. All of these are testaments to your desire to learn, and we commend you so much for that. We want to help. So here is a brief list of others that are full of valuable information:


World Audiology- This website has a plethora of useful world-wide audiology resources related to deafness, hearing and balance. These include a forum, up-to-date news, educational articles and heads ups about upcoming events that you can attend.


Hearing Review- This is a great resource if you’re looking for more operational and business consulting resources. They have all kinds of information should you have questions around billing and reimbursement for audiology services.


Audiology Australia- Audiology Australia's Mission is:  To give value to its members as the peak professional body in audiology by providing education, advocacy, and setting ethical standards of practice, to ensure audiologists are able to deliver the highest standards of hearing health care and are valued by the community for their services. The site is a great resource to interact with a rich community and learn first about upcoming events.


Audiology Resources- Kim Cavitt, AuD, graduated with her Master's degree in Audiology from Indiana University in 1991 and with her AuD from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 2005. She spent nine years as a clinical audiologist and preceptor at both The Ohio State University and Northwestern University and spent two years as the Director of Professional Relations at HearPO. This is her blog, full of valuable articles relating to audiology.


Questions on any of the above sites? Feel free to reach out to your Hearlink team. We’d love to hear from you.

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