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Spotlight on World Hearing Day 2017

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 11:09:22 AM Australia/Melbourne

Spotlight on World Hearing Day 2017We’re a bit tardy on this one, unfortunately. But with so many amazing breakthroughs in audiology, so many spotlights on the researchers and scientists making this work possible, and so many revolutionary products targeting improvements in this with hearing loss- well, let’s just say that we’ve had a lot on our plates.


So happy belated Hearing World Hearing Day! The salutation comes from all of us at Hearlink and experts and enthusiasts throughout the industry; but is backed specifically, by the World Health Organization. World Hearing Day is a celebration of knowledge sharing, of thought leadership and of camaraderie between different groups and individuals, empowered to find solutions for hearing loss.


2017’s specific theme was- Action for Hearing Loss- Make a Sound Investment. Though the theme is lighthearted, the ask is far more serious and important to anyone involved in the audiology industry. It highlights the extreme economic impact for those who suffer from or who treat hearing loss. Without interventions, without being properly addressed, hearing loss among the masses spirals into a large-scale issue for governments and publicly-funded health groups, all over the world. With checks and balances in place, we address hearing loss early and often, saving money for the same countries and the same publicly-funded health groups.


Let’s take a look at some numbers. 360 million people around the world live with disabling hearing loss. Up to 5 in every 1,000 children around the world are born deaf, or with some degree of hearing loss. It’s important to keep a global perspective when we think about those fighting hearing loss, so that we unite with audiology groups all around the world, pool our resources, and fight the same fight.


Unidentified hearing loss can cost global economies more than $750 billion, on an annual basis. These costs can be broken down into four buckets- health care system costs, loss of productivity in the workplace, societal costs and additional educational support costs. Conversely, the decision-makers that help head up groups at events like this one can address hearing loss through simple, yet impactful actions like- building human resource capacity, increasing awareness, implementing early identification programs and allocating necessary resources.


Robust programs which tackle hearing loss with a long-term lens, are successful when they get after four main goals: prevent hearing loss, identify hearing loss early through successful screening, provide rehabilitation with support for continuous use of hearing aids and improve access to cochlear implants.


A big portion of the event materials used at this year’s World Health Day, focused on interventions. While they can be uncomfortable, they can also be hugely important in identifying hearing loss as early as possible. Once hearing loss is identified, you’ve already put a foot in the right direction to determine a comprehensive plan to treat. Interventions also lead to financial savings, greater likelihood of employment, lower rates of depression and steps towards an integrated society.


A huge round of applause to each of the groups that helped to make this event so special. Interested in learning more? Visit this site.

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