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Spotlight on TV Assistive Hearing Devices

Monday, April 11, 2016 9:25:26 AM Australia/Melbourne

Spotlight on TV Assistive Hearing DevicesWe live in a media-obsessed generation, no doubt about it. This has effected users of every age and demographic as screen sizes for TVs get bigger and for phones get smaller. This can have a lot of negative impacts on different facets of your health. Some of these are barely noticeable in the beginning, but become more pronounced over time. One of these? Impacts to your hearing capabilities.


The easiest way to get ahead of this, is prevention. Turn your television set down to a realistic volume. Is the trade-off of loud surround sound worth the hearing loss that it can cause you in the long term, if you’re aware of this now? We hope not. However, most are past this point. For this demographic, we have the recommendation of television-specific assistive listening devices. These are more commonly known as ALD’s. ALD’s are devices which will include a system that helps to boost the sound around you in a few different ways: through headphones, through hearing aids, and through closed captioning settings on your television.


Hearing loss can manifest in specific ways in relation to television watching, specifically understanding the dialogue on screen. It’s second nature to want to turn up the sound on the television to solve this issue. This is deceptively negative. The quality of the sound vastly deteriorates as you turn up the volume on your television, depending on the condition of the speaker built in. You may also alienate those around you as the sound becomes louder and louder.


Thanks to ALD’s, you can keep the quality of your remaining hearing and your friends around. Benefits include:


  • They can be used a variety of ways. As noted above, you can use them with headphones and with hearing aids.
  • The auditory signal is immediately and directly delivered, so the sound is as clear as possible.
  • As the wearer, you can operate the volume of the television signal without messing with the volume on the television speakers.
  • ALD’s send the signal immediately to the hearing aids or headphones. This means that there is minimal interference of any background noise throughout the room, like conversations or music.


So how do they work? ALD’s come with a base that will plug directly into the headphone jack of the television set in your home. They also come with a delivery system that connects with your hearing aid or your headphones, depending on your preferred style of use.


Sound like ALD’s might fit the bill for your needs? Reach out to any member of the Hearlink team at your convenience. We’ll be able to determine if these will correctly tackle the level of your impairment and walk you though exactly how they’ll work.


Our goal here at Hearlink is to determine solutions that are as individual as you and your hearing needs. You can always expect comprehensive conversation with us and a range of options to ensure that you leave feeling completely comfortable with your Hearlink solution.

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