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Spotlight on a New Hearing Loss Technology

Monday, August 20, 2018 9:55:10 AM Australia/Melbourne

Spotlight on a New Hearing Loss TechnologyNothing brings us more joy as a company than when there’s a breakthrough in hearing loss technology. After all, we were founded to drive the most diverse and successful solutions to solve one of the world’s fastest-growing epidemics. Though not as fatal as Cancer or many other illnesses, the effects that hearing loss can have on your day-to-day lives is far more extensive than many realize. It seeps into every element of your daily routine. It finds its way into every conversation, into every interaction, into many of the recreational experiences that you previously looked forward to and enjoyed, as well as your work environment. Sometimes it’s even caused by the above side effects, it’s a tricky one. So, we began this blog as an extension of the work that we find so important and so inspirational. It’s our way to reach our valued customers, our prospective patients, and those who just want to learn more about how to be there for those closest to them with hearing loss. We information share about our products and services, we shine spotlights on industry news and we ensure that when there are important technological breakthroughs, you’re the first to know.


Today is just one of those days. Thanks to the Danish, those already using hearing aids will be able to target their listening far more accurately. A team at Aalborg University has developed a computer program which removes pesky environmental noise and enhances the speech experience of the person using the program. This gets after one of the greatest challenges for those impacted by hearing loss, conversation in noisy places. Experts call this the “cocktail effect”. It’s been a struggle for experts near and far to determine the broadest and most consistent ways to meet this challenge and this will be an important step in that direction.


So, how does this program work? Mathew Kavalekalam, who is a PhD student at the Audio Lab Analysis program within Aalborg University has been developing an algorithm. The algorithm can identify the differences between the background noise that we just mentioned and the spoken words that you want to focus on in conversation. He’s been supported by researchers at GN Advanced Science and Innovation Fund Denmark.


The premise is pretty straight forward. The program listens; And then it learns. He started with a digital model learning the different systems that help produce speech. These include everything from the lungs and larynx to the throat and nasal cavities. Once initial development was completed, the program was taught when to listen and when to not.


Kavalekalam sums it up well. “Background noise differs depending on the environment, from street or traffic noise if you are outside, to the noise of people talking in a pub or cafeteria.” We’re excited to see how this technology progresses and the positive effects that it will have on those with hearing loss in social environments.


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