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Spotlight on Ear Wax- Part II

Friday, January 6, 2017 9:15:18 AM Australia/Melbourne

Spotlight on Ear Wax- Part IIIf you’ve recently checked into the Hearlink blog, then you know that we’re in the throes of discussing ear wax. In our last post, we covered what it is, and how important it can be in a variety of fields. Today we’re talking about how it builds up, and how to eradicate it. As pesky as ear wax can be, it can also be extremely helpful for your health. It’s just a matter of treating it properly.


You already know that earwax buildup is, that your ear canals produce cerumen, the waxy oil that we know as ear wax. You may be wondering how this can possibly be good for you. In fact, your ear wax creates a barricade between excessive amounts of water as well as external objects like foreign particles, like dust, and like microorganisms which can cause damage to your ears.


That’s only if there is an adequate amount of ear wax, which is present in your ears. More often than not, your glands produce far more ear wax than you need. Its then, that your ear wax consistency becomes hard and then blocks the ears. Is cleaning your ears one of your favorite things to do? If so, and the earwax has already reached a hard consistency, then you’re just pushing the earwax further and further into the ear, creating a blockage and potentially causing even more problems—the most prominent? Hearing loss. Since hearing loss is something that Hearlink wants to avoid as much as possible, simple issues like ear wax that are easier to eradicate, are an easy solution to get after.


In order to avoid a culture of fear, we recommend the following to make sure that you’re not creating a buildup of ear wax. They’re easier than you’d assume- stop sticking things too far into your ears! Stop cleaning out your ears multiple times a day using cotton swabs, and stop pushing your ear buds deep into your ears, whenever you’re like to listen to music. Here’s a hint—pushing your earbuds deeper into your ears, actually won’t amplify the volume of the music any further.


So now it’s time to learn how to eradicate ear wax. Run, don’t walk, away from those cotton swabs. Instead, head to your pharmacy or audiology expert to learn about ways to soften the ear wax. Several examples include mineral oil, baby oil, carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. You can also choose to remove the earwax using irrigation. The steps are easy—make sure that your head is upright, pull the outside of the your ear gently forward, use a syringe to stream warm water into your ear and then tip your head to drain the water.


Make sure that if you choose this route, or embarking on any at-home adventures, you’re working directly with an audiology expert or doctor. A surefire way to make sure that you’re in good hands? Reach out to any member of the Hearlink team.

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