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Small Shifts to Make for Your Hearing

Friday, August 25, 2017 11:09:55 AM Australia/Melbourne

Small Shifts to Make for Your HearingIt’s the little things in life, right? We hear this phrase a lot and it has many applications. Sometimes an artist can make a small tweak to a painting and turn it into a masterpiece. Sometimes a cook can have a eureka moment, add in a surprise ingredient to a recipe and voila—a Michelin meal is on the table. While Hearlink isn’t cooking up a storm or painting pretty pictures, we too believe in small adjustments that can lead to success. But our small adjustments relate to your hearing.


Hearing loss is preventative, if you take the right steps early and often. But sometimes you don’t even realize that your lifestyle choices may be leading you down a path to potential hearing loss. Today, Hearlink is sharing the small shifts that you can make in order to maximize your hearing well into your older years.


Think about the last time you cleaned house. Or even better, think about the last time that you heard a family member or friend clean the house. Don’t worry—we’re not pointing fingers. But we’re wondering if the first thing that comes to mind is the excessive noise that comes with vacuum cleaners and other mechanisms for tidying up. You may not realize it, but noises at this volume can have a lasting impact on your hearing. If you pop in a pair of earbuds or earphones, you’ll save yourself this trouble.


Technology has seen some pretty incredible evolution when it comes to listening to music. But that doesn’t stop many of us from simply turning up the volume whenever background noise interferes. Though it may sound counter-intuitive, noise-cancelling headphones will ensure that your music experience is uninterrupted and those noises from the traffic outside? Well, they’ll stay outside.


We’ve seen an upswing in the number of work-related hearing loss incidents. Hearlink hates hearing about these because they’re so preventable. But it’s not just up to your managers, to your human resources professionals and to the leadership of your company. It’s up to you to bring any concerns you may have, to those in charge. Share with them your concerns about noisy work atmospheres and bring some recommendations to the table. Did you know that the health and safety laws in Australia require that noise levels don’t exceed 85 decibels over an eight-hour period? There’s a fun fact for your next cocktail party! While it is the responsibility of your employer to enforce this, everyone plays a rule in ensuring that your team’s ears are safe and healthy.


Lastly, but definitely not least of importance- it’s time to rethink how we’re cleaning our ears. No more sticking cotton swabs deep into your ears, potentially puncturing your eardrum! You’re doing yourself far more harm than good. A good rule of thumb? Stick to the outer ear and decrease the pressure that you’re putting on yourself. You’ll thank us later.


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