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Six Stages of Hearing Loss

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 9:32:34 AM Australia/Melbourne

Six Stages of Hearing Loss

As with many health implications, hearing loss is not something that hits you right away. It comes on gradually, impacted by many factors around you, and will increase over time. Similarly to grief, there are also different stages to hearing loss. Today, the Hearlink blog is breaking down what these stages may be for you, and the different signs to look for.


Remember that no matter what stage of hearing loss you are a loved one is in, there are ways to conserve your remaining hearing. Even though the science to reverse hearing loss isn’t here yet, Hearlink is dedicated to sharing ways to maximize the hearing that you still have. Remember also, that even though these are popular stages, they may be different from your experience. Hearing loss is as unique as the person impacted.


The first stage that Hearlink generally sees is denial. This is a common stage because you’re first learning about your hearing loss. You’re probably questioning what has caused you hearing loss, and what changes you’ll need to make in your life to retain the hearing that you have left.


Next we often see fear in our patients and customers. After all, this is a big change in your life. You’re probably envisioning many different gadgets, a completely altered schedule with appointments and doctors. It’s normal to be a bit afraid of what’s come.


Anger and sadness are often common stages that the Hearlink team sees. It totally depends how our patients and customers share their emotions, but we see people both cry and lash out. They may be wondering how hearing loss could possibly happen to them, especially if the person impacted is much younger.


Realization is a key point in any patient or customer’s journey. Any guesses why? That’s right, it’s about the time that you give Hearlink a call. It doesn’t matter what the scope of the hearing loss is, it doesn’t even matter if it applies to you or a distant acquaintance… if you believe that you have any degree of hearing loss, then the Hearlink team is here to help.


Once you’ve realized that you have hearing loss, there are just a couple of stages left, but they are still very important. Next on deck is plain ol’ hard work! Retaining your remaining hearing is a challenge, but a worthwhile and valuable one. Ensuring that you’re using the proper tools and resources will quickly put you on the path to success for this stage.


The last stage is opportunity. You may be thinking, what the heck does that mean and why is it the last stage? Hopefully you’ve found a lot of value in the past five stages. Now it’s your turn to advocate to your peers around the world who are also impacted by hearing loss. With your help, and with the support of Hearlink, they too can appreciate the different stages of hearing loss.


Questions? Comments? Feel free to give the Hearlink team a shout. We’d love to hear from you.

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