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A Refresher on Hearing Dogs

Monday, October 2, 2017 11:08:52 AM Australia/Melbourne

A Refresher on Hearing DogsFor those impacted by hearing loss, every aid to improve quality of life is vital. We’re not just referring to hearing aids that you put in to your ears-- for many, this includes hearing dogs. This comes a surprise to some, who have only heard about those who benefit those impacted by loss of sight. There are actually many similarities in the way that they work, and over the last twenty years, they’ve become more and more popular. This post will share important details about the requirements of signing up for a dog, how they’re trained and their many benefits.


First up, how to acquire a hearing dog. There many things to get in order. You do need to be older than 18-years-old. The assumption in most countries is that if you’re younger than 18, you have parents or guardians to care for you and your hearing. You must also need to be able to fill out your own application. It’s important to think about the well-being of the dog as well. If you can’t provide the basic proper care, someone else in your household needs to be able to. The application is extensive and intensive. It helps to weed out those with impure motives, who are just looking for a free puppy. Even if and after you’re approved, there are still many check-in’s that are required. Both you and the dog will need to go through training together. You’ll learn more about in a minute. Every year, you’ll need to come back in to learn about new tracking and training activities.


Your dog is only focused on two things—your safety and your friendship. These are the foundation of the specialized training course. This course can be completed in anywhere from four to six months. The dogs are trained to have a very specific kind of temperament, patient, kind and helpful. They are taught to react to different volumes, pitches and tones of noise. Examples of these types of noises include smoke alarms, telephones and simulated weather sounds. As the trainings continue, the dogs will learn noises more specific to their owner.


The next part may seem obvious, the dozens of benefits that hearing dogs can provide for their owners. The care they’re taught to give is personal and comprehensive. They are taught to offer a wide-range of services, not least of all- the safety and health of their owners. The dogs even learn alternative communication methods, for serious situations. Example- let’s say that a bushfire is happening down the street from where you live. The dog cannot bark at a higher-pitched volume to alert its owner, so it lets its owner know about the fire through a change in body language.


It’s no secret that many believe that a dog is a man’s best friend. With the introduction of hearing dogs, these friendships can become so much more.


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