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Preparing Your Hearing Aids for Summer- Part II

Monday, August 15, 2016 7:22:25 PM Australia/Melbourne

Preparing Your Hearing Aids for Summer- Part IIWe are so grateful for our patients and customers—the unique level of engagement and conversation is awe-inspiring. It just further supports the reason that the Hearlink team got into the industry to begin with- to further educate the community at large about hearing loss. The level of engagement, the instigation of conversation is presented through the support of our blog posts, namely, our previous post on how to treat your hearing aids during the warmer months. We told you there was a part II coming, and we weren’t lying. Here are additional tips to ensure that your hearing aids are well prepped for any weather- rain or shine:


  1. Avoid direct sunlight. Hey, some tips are more fun than others. While we all wait, tapping our fingers for the sunlight to appear during the warmer months, it has some pretty negative effects on some aspects of our lives. This includes your hearing aids. We’ve talked about the complex technologies within hearing aids—many small and delicate parts. These can be quickly damaged by heat or direct sunlight. Many are also build with plastic, so whether they’re left in a hot car, or if you’re laying poolside in direct sunlight, your hearing aids may suffer. We recommend removing them in these scenarios, or changing your sunny day plans.

  2. Cleaning your hearing aids is so important. It’s not just general moisture. It’s fungus, and germs and bacteria. All of these tend to flourish in higher temperatures and humidity, both of which are present during the summer time months. The Hearlink team strongly recommends cleaning your hearing aids with towlettes, or with specific microbial products, in order to ensure that any infectious germs are quickly whisked away. Here’s an industry best tip—while we always advocate for sunscreen everywhere on your body, you’ll want to be careful when applying it around your ears. When not applied properly, it can be quickly engrained into the complex mechanics of your hearing aids.

  3. Combat moisture successfully. It’s odd, generally moisture is associated with cooler, damper months. But unfortunately, you have to fight it just as actively when the temperatures rise. And moisture isn’t just water. We’re talking rain, splashes from the pool or ocean, and sweat from any activities that you’ll be participating in outside in the sun. So how do you fight this beast? We recommend carrying around a soft microfiber cloth. Wipe off your hearing aids regularly. Hearing sweat bands can be awesome when you’re on the beach playing in a volleyball match or another physical activity. Finally, grab a dry aid jar. This is a great place to house the battery of your hearing aid when it’s not in use.


We weren’t kidding about the rigorous practices that we recommend when the sun comes out to play. But the payout is that your hearing aid will last through years of the amazing memories that you’ll create with your loved ones when you’re playing in the summer months.

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