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Planning Your Next Children’s Birthday Party

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 9:13:33 AM Australia/Melbourne

Planning Your Next Children’s Birthday PartyThe sun is shining, there are no clouds in sight. There’s a pile of stylishly wrapped presents in the corner, and everyone is wearing their Sunday best. Everyone is smiling and laughing, not a single tear to be seen. What is this mirage that you’re looking at? The elusive “perfect” children’s birthday party.


Elusive is probably the magic world here. The audience in and of itself is the moving target. Energy runs wild, emotions are all over the place, and their preferences for food, drink and hobbies can change from day to day. But while birthday party themes and elements can easily shift to align to the party’s theme. There are several pieces which are constants. One of these constants is the theme of today’s post- the fun and seemingly innocent balloon.


Balloons are just that, fun and seemingly innocent. But as more and more years of birthday parties go by, audiologists are beginning to see important correlations between balloons and hearing loss in those at a young age.


Did you know that when a balloon pops, it can make a noise louder than a shotgun blast? Slightly louder than you anticipated, correct? It’s thanks to two hearing experts at the University of Arizona, named Dylan Scott and Bill Hodgetts, who oversaw a measurement comparing the levels of noise generated by busting balloons and the noise levels of an explosion made by a high-powered shotgun. This shotgun wasn’t just fired anywhere, it was fired right next to one of the subject’s ear. These findings were later shared in the Canadian Audiologists, as Scott and Hodgetts wanted to raise awareness around all general risks around hearing.


Both Hodgetts and Scott are fathers, so the findings of the experiment, ring close to home. Hearing loss is insidious,” says Hodgetts. “Every loud noise that occurs has a potential lifelong impact. We want people to be mindful of hearing damage over a lifetime, because once you get to the back end of life, no hearing aid is as good as the once healthy built-in system in your inner ear."


Many of our readers may discount the impact that something as simple and innocent as a balloon could have on younger ears. Additionally, this is a rare occurrence—how often are the children of our readers, stomping on hundreds of balloons. Why should our readers be concerned about infrequent birthday parties, where this may or may not happen?


But to us here on the Hearlink team, it simply doesn’t matter. it serves as an important catalyst, a vital reminder to be cognizant about the loud noises that we’re placing in close proximity to our youngest ears. We focus so frequently on the loud machinery that our adult ears come into contact with every day – we’re talking about the volume on the television set or the newest song that we’re listing to—not to mention traffic or loud machinery at work. Let’s make sure that we’re being cognizant and sensitive to any and all factors which can impact ears of any age.

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