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Planning Holiday Gifts for the Hearing Impaired

Friday, December 9, 2016 10:26:20 PM Australia/Melbourne

Planning Holiday Gifts for the Hearing ImpairedTis the season! The season to spend time with family and friends, appreciating the past year and all of its adventures. The season to gorge yourself on delicious sugary treats and give yourself some leniency on that diet that you’ve been trying to follow. But who are we kidding? It’s also the season that retailers of all shapes and sizes countdown to—capitalizing on our societies’ ever increasing dependency on spending and buying. That’s a conversation for another time. Today, the Hearlink blog is focusing on our gift recommendations for the hearing impaired. They’ll appreciate that you’ve gone above and beyond to keep their needs in mind, and you’ll be the favorite mom/dad/aunt/uncle, etc., for at least the next month.


2016 introduced us to the boom of hearables, small, in-ear devices, which enhance your hearing experience. These aren’t just for the hearing impaired, either. One of our favorites is the Bragi Dash- a set of wireless earbuds which are as smart as they are stylish.


One of the biggest pieces of advice that the Hearlink team gives to those with failing hearing, is to NOT take the volume switch for granted. Whether its music or television, turning up the volume to the max is a huge disservice to your ears. The TV Soundbar helps to mitigate this issue. Its goal is to improve the clarity of your programming, so that you’re not running to the volume dial. This would be a great gift for your friends or family that love their entertainment.


Smart homes seem to be all the rage these days. Many companies are designing and building technology products which make our homes smarter than their owners. One of these products makes a lot of sense for the hearing impaired- a digital doorbell. You don’t even need to get up, you’ll receive a text alert directly on your cell phone that there is someone at the door. Some models also have video screen functionality, so that you could sign or lip read with whoever has decided to stop by. SkyBell has options which are definitely worth exploring.


Do you have a friend or family member that loathes getting out of bed in the morning? Maybe what he or she needs is a vibrating alarm clock. The model by SmartShaker syncs with your cellular device. You place it under your pillow before bedtime. There are a variety of options for pulses to wake you up in the morning. Another option for this audience would be an alarm clock which leverages light to wake you up in the morning. Phillips is one of many companies which offers one such product. It doesn’t just use regular light to wake you up, its lighting patterns simulate what the sunrise outside would look like. Heck, we probably all need something similar.


We hope that this list jump starts your inspiration for your holiday 2016 shopping. Do you have other products or ideas that you’d recommend? Let us know, the Hearlink team would love to hear from you.

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