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Why We Found Passion for Audiology

Saturday, May 5, 2018 9:11:49 AM Australia/Melbourne

Why We Found Passion for AudiologyHearlink’s mission is to help you with every aspect of your hearing health, whether it's loss prevention, testing, finding hearing aids or other solutions that will help you hear better. We promise to always provide professional services with integrity, competence, objectivity and independence. We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re committed to it. We have always been and will always continue to be. It’s part of our ethos. We expect that from every employee that walks through our door and hope that that’s conveyed to our valued customer community in the work that we do.


Equally important as the work that we do, is the reasoning behind it. We believe that the number of men and women, boys and girls worldwide, which are impacted by hearing loss – is far too high. We might have had excuses decades ago when technology was not where it is today or when we didn’t have the scientific knowledge that’s now so easily accessible. But those excuses are now far gone.


Which is SO exciting for us. And means that the future is increasingly bright. So, while we’re already driven by the amazing progress across the industry, that’s bolstered even further when we hear about the inspirational stories around the world told by experts and those impacted by hearing loss, about why they got into the field.


These are far more common than you’d think, and we’re not complaining. They’re written in to us from patients or customers who have become inspired by our mission and our work; They’re also easily accessible all over the Web. It’s a great reminder that the work that we’re doing means something. There are many that come to mind but a few of our favourites include the following.


A doctor in North Carolina watched his wife’s hearing deteriorate. She was a celebrated musician, loving to play both the flute and the harp. She was so good that she was thinking about going professional. Alas, environmental hearing loss due to her occupation in a factory made this impossible. Instead of mourning this loss, her husband turned it into his new life’s mission to go into audiology and ensure that tools and processes were available and that this wouldn’t be an issue for similar situations in the future.


Another one of our favourite stories includes a doctor in France. He himself was impacted by hearing loss, which made attending many of his favourite sporting events impossible. While he could watch the action, he could never fully appreciate it. This drove him mad, as it seemed entirely unacceptable that something so near and dear to him would be taken away. He too became an audiologist and spent many years working on the hearing aids that so many depend on.


Again, these stories serve as motivation and a reminder to you that the Hearlink team’s journey is never done. Our patients and customers are our highest priority and we’re driven to see what the future of audiology has to offer.

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