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Are You in Any of These Occupations? Look for Ways to Limit Hearing Loss

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 8:07:00 AM Australia/Melbourne

Are You in Any of These Occupations? Look for Ways to Limit Hearing LossHearing loss comes in many shapes and sizes. Frequently it’s due to pre-determined conditions or genetics, but often we have much control over our hearing and how well we treat it. It’s important to remember that hearing, as with any element of our health, it’s a blessing to have it in good condition, and Hearlink strives to create environments where we can care for and appreciate our hearing.


Your livelihood, your occupation, it’s the way that you earn the money to spend your life the way that you wish. To be fair, sometimes life grants us scenarios where we can’t exactly seek out our dream job. But we’re coming at this from an audiology lens. Today we profile a variety of occupations that see a much higher likelihood of hearing loss. In a future post, you’ll learn how you can combat the long term effects of hearing loss, if you’re exposed to one of the positions below.


First up, those that work in construction. These females and gents are exposed to loud levels of noise from all sorts of different sources. Higher levels of noise can come from traffic which is nearby as well as the equipment that’s being used on site.


While musicians may deal with glitz and glamor in many capacities of their career, the accentuated noise levels cannot be categorized as such. Many of the most famous musicians throughout history who are now retired, are dealing retroactively with hearing loss. The same can be said for those who work alongside musicians, either in clubs or at arenas, and everywhere in between. This audience doesn’t just deal with hearing loss, tinnitus is a frequently found impediment.


Garbage collectors are also susceptible. Thanks to the large trucks that they drive and the weighty machinery that is used when they need to lift or shift the garbage, they can suffer from great amounts of hearing loss. A general barometer is 85dB. Garbage collectors consistently endure levels much higher than that, especially because they’re in the same truck and with the same equipment for the entire duration of their shifts.


You may not think that landscapers would find a place on this list, but they sure do. Think about the mowers and other types of equipment that you’ll see in use while your yard is being maintenance’d and manicured. Did you know that one of the aforementioned lawnmowers reaches levels of up to 90dB? While this is only 5dB over the industry average, your ears will be greatly impacted when they hearing this level of noise for a long period of time. That in conjunction with the other types of equipment used, like chainsaws, can create quite a noisy environment.


Hearlink has great respect for each of these professions. Look for a future post when we discuss the best ways to combat the long term effects of hearing loss, so that you can continue to shine in the workplace.

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