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The Next Generation of Audiology Students- Part I

Monday, March 12, 2018 8:22:59 AM Australia/Melbourne

The Next Generation of Audiology Students- Part IIt’s important to look at topics from the perspectives of different audiences. At Hearlink, we’re specifically focused on audiology and hearing loss. There has been such a huge evolution around it, in the last five, ten, twenty and fifty years. Different audiences view this evolution in completely different ways.


Let’s dive into this. If you were a doctor fifty years ago, you would have a very specific lens on the history and the future of audiology. If you’re a patient today, you’ll have far less of a knowledge of the past, but potentially an even better knowledge of the future. We get so lost in sharing the knowledge that we’re experts on, that it’s important for us to take the time to share different angles and ideas. That’s why, today, the Hearlink blog is shining a spotlight on a student’s perspective – how audiology changed for her, in just four years.


This information comes to us courtesy of a new column. It’s called Student Speaks and is (in their words) a forum for audiology students to share their perspectives on challenges and opportunities in the field.


In a nutshell, this column targets a group of fourth-year students in 2013. Each was applying to a graduate program. Around this time, the field of audiology also experienced a huge rush in coverage by the media. There were even top spots on lists like “Fastest Growing Job”, “Least Stressful Job” (interesting) and the coveted “Best Job”. This growth in popularity continued for the next couple of years, resulting in titles like 2015’s “Best Job in America” according to Time Magazine, unheard of for the profession.


Then, just like that, it was gone. It disappeared from these types of lists and said goodbye to the previous accolades that it had become so accustomed to. No more lists, no more awards, back to the monotony that it was used to.


The student that authored this particular column was especially impacted by the swinging back and forth of the popularity of a field with which she was so enamored. It didn’t necessarily matter how many compliments she would receive for her future job, but it sure did provide a look into the public perception of audiology. It didn’t deter her by any means, but it definitely meant many new questions and conversations as she navigated her future career path. She remembers that many of her friends and family were particularly supportive because they were aware of the different factors that would drive her success in the workplace, and the sustainability of this career path. Those factors include things like the baby boomer generation, all of their habits and practices during this time period, and life expectancy changes.


Sounds like a great place to be in, doesn’t it? But as you’ll read in our next post, sometimes your career path isn’t quite as straight as you would like.


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