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New Products in the Market are Helping Hearing Loss

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 9:04:05 AM Australia/Melbourne

New Products in the Market are Helping Hearing LossThe audiology market is one that changes all the time. Not just every year, but more and more frequently every month. Welcome to the Hearlink blog! This can be your one-stop-shop for everything related to the audiology market. We discuss our products and services, we discuss what’s important to us, and we talk about changes. And if you’re a regular on the Hearlink blog, you’ll know that we’re incredibly enthusiastic whenever we learn about a change. This could be a technological advancement, it could be someone who is making large strides working on an initiative and often – it’s a product that could change the game for those impacted by hearing loss. That’s the case today and the Hearlink team is excited to dive in to new products in the market that are helping hearing loss.


We reiterate it all of the time – there’s a common misconception that the price of hearing aids can be an unavoidable roadblock. And there are many different models out there that are cost-prohibitive. Unfortunately, it’s these that are leading many who lead them, astray. In fact, the estimated cost of an average hearing aid treatment between 2000 and 2030 could increase 500 percent or more. That means going from $8 million to more than $50 million – a lot of money for the industry.


Luckily, thanks to new products, contributing to this is avoidable. Dr. Nicole Anzalone is one expert to hugely endorses this.


“According to the Center for Disease Control and Protection, hearing loss is the third most chronic health problem in the U.S. "70 percent of people over age the of 60 lose their ability to hear high frequencies. The causes of hearing loss can be from genetics, old age or medical conditions."

There are also great over-the-counter devices that really focus on noise reduction. Be sure to explore three-dimensional hearing protections. They’re custom made and great for those who are working in the field in industrial type jobs. Love attending concerts or loud sporting events, these are right up your alley as well. They only take six hours to be designed and can be shared with you in only one day.


The new advancements in the market extend beyond day-to-day hearing into the experiences that can elevate the experiences that you love most. It doesn’t matter what your hobby is, you shouldn’t miss out on it with hearing loss. For example, if you’re a big television watcher, then you should keep an eye on the company Widex A/S. It’s based out of Denmark and is launching WIDEX TV PLAY, which is the new television and streaming accessory. It’s sleek, simple and easy to understand. It even won a Red Dot Design Concept Award last month.


It excites the Hearlink team to share stories like this one, and we’ll continue to do so. We love to share the products that can make an important difference in your life. Do you have a hearing loss need or an enthusiasm for audiology? If so, please reach out! We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions that you may have.

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