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New Audiology Clinic Offers Testing for Animals

Thursday, February 15, 2018 9:21:47 AM Australia/Melbourne

New Audiology Clinic Offers Testing for AnimalsThey’re some of our best friends – our furry four-legged dogs and cats, our farm animals, our reptiles, birds and more – anyone with a pet knows the special bond that you can share. That means a dedication towards their health and happiness, including their ears. Here at Hearlink, we’re committed to sharing as much industry information as we can, setting our valued customers up for success as they navigate their audiology journey. Much of this comes from the entertaining and informative articles that we find as we peruse the Web, magazines and newspapers.


Today, we’re shifting our focus a little bit. Instead of sharing the latest and greatest in human news, the Hearlink team would like to share some interesting updates around animal audiology. Specifically, a program at the University of Cincinnati called FETCHLAB. It sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? The program’s mission is rooted in a similar thought process as ours – that audiology services and products should be as widely available as possible. And that includes pets.  FETCHLAB and others like it have begun to scratch the surface in this space and patent hearing tests that help determine if different types of animals have a degree of hearing loss.


Did you know that currently 80 breeds of dog experience genetically related deafness with more experiencing deafness due to age and noise exposure? And this is an audience without advocates. In fact, the vast majority of the time, we’re the ones exposing our pets to increased noise levels, without thinking through the damage that it’s causing.


So, FETCHLAB, and others like it, determined that a new level of training would be necessary for those looking to get into the veterinary field. The certificate is available both online and at their campus, but it’s not required for veterinarians… yet.


So, what does the experience entail? Services are offered by appointment only and the center will help with BAER, ABR and OAE hearing tests. All are non-invasive, and sedation is never used.


It brings many questions to the conversation as far as the future of audiology. If hearing testing for animals is available now, what kind of problems and challenges will we be able to resolve within the next ten, twenty, fifty years? It’s pretty inspiring and it’s definitely motivating for the team here at Hearlink. In fact, we’ll be keeping an eye on stories like this one, watching as they unfold and as new learnings are shared.


As enthusiastic as we are about the health of our pets, you can imagine how we feel about the health of our friends and family. The Hearlink team strongly endorses regular check-ups, annually, if not with an audiologist, at least with a general doctor. This is the best, and sometimes the only way, to identify what’s going on with your hearing and your health and pinpoint a plan of attack to get you back where you need to be.


Questions? Comments? Give us a shout. The Hearlink team would love to connect with you.

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