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New Advice for Navigating Relationships with Hearing Loss

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 12:58:03 AM Australia/Melbourne

New Advice for Navigating Relationships with Hearing LossRemember your first relationship? Platonic or romantic, it took work to get to know someone and build a certain level of trust. There’s a reason that about half of all marriages end in divorce. And that number only continues to climb. So, imagine adding the additional layer of hearing loss to your relationship. Hearing loss can be the catalyst for a huge variety or health problems. These range from issues with your memory, concentration, even dementia. Now we can officially add relationship issues to this list.


As one might assume, communication breakdowns are the most prominent negative outcome when hearing loss impacts a relationship. When there’s not transparent communication, a relationship breaks down at a pretty rapid pace. But the correlation is not surprising to experts and researchers. One specific study at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom leveraged a systematic data-driven analysis of more than 70 previous studies. It took a look at audience of those impacted by hearing loss and those closest to them. These results were also published in the Trends in Hearing journal.


“The whole process is draining for spouses, as they often have to serve as another set of ears,” explains Venessa Vas, Ph.D, who led the writing and orchestrating of the study. “They have to answer the phone and translate each conversation.”


It’s important to level set early. This shouldn’t be a surprise or a deal breaker when you’re a year into the relationship. The issues associated intensify very gradually, and can often go unnoticed for months or years. One of the most prominent is that couples may begin to withdraw from activities that they previously enjoyed greatly. Examples may include louder sporting events or listening to music. This can quickly turn to resentment if one person in the relationship is making sacrifices that they’re not fully on board with. That also increases your time spent together and potentially only with each other. Solitary confinement is probably not the best ingredient to include in the recipe for a healthy relationship.


It’s also important to challenge yourselves. Be on the journey together. Be involved in whatever treatment that your partner is going through. Go to their doctor appointments and do your research so that when they go through stressful situations you know exactly why and are not surprised or thrown off. Encourage your partner to not only take care of their health, but also remind them that their quality of life shouldn’t suffer. We’re lucky to live in a day and age when technology supports your health in new and exciting ways. Hearing aids are no longer obtuse and difficult to navigate. Make sure that you’re still going to the aforementioned sporting events. Make sure that they’re listening to music. They’ll feel supported and you’ll get a lot more out of the relationship.


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