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Navigating Stressful Situations with Hearing Loss

Saturday, November 25, 2017 9:20:52 AM Australia/Melbourne

Navigating Stressful Situations with Hearing LossLife is stressful enough, without factoring in hearing loss. From the day that you’re able to make decisions on your own, there are no shortages of choices, compromises, judgements and arrangements that you need to negotiate. Where you plan to live, what you plan to do for occupation, whom you want to spend your life with, if anyone at all – these are just a couple of examples. Each of these shifts in dynamic when you’re impacted by hearing loss. It may be you, it may be a family member, it may be a friend or significant other, but you play an important role in minimizing stress for someone impacted by hearing loss. Today Hearlink wants to take a look at how to navigate stress, no matter what role you play.


If you are impacted by hearing loss- You’ve come to the right place. Hearlink is dedicated to building a community where we share knowledge and resources so that you can make educated decisions about your health and about your lifestyle. You play the number one role in your life, so it’s important that you dictate how you want others to interact with, and support you. When you meet someone, they probably aren’t aware that you have hearing loss, and they may not know how to communicate with you. Be upfront and honest. Build an environment based on respect. Chances are good that they’ll be receptive to your wishes.


If you have a family member impacted by hearing loss- You play a key role in their support system. You’ve known since the beginning of their hearing loss, and you also are familiar with their day to day routines. You know the best way to communicate them, and conversely- the best ways not to communicate with them. You’re a bit of an ambassador. You have the honour and the responsibility of creating a safe space for your family member, especially if they’re navigating a new situation or meeting a group of people for the same time. You can handle the tough conversations and be the number one fan of your family member. They’ll appreciate it more than you know.


If you are in a relationship with someone impacted by hearing loss- The above are all applicable for you. You’re the rock and the best friend of your significant other and you’re their go-to when they’re stressed out. They’ll vent and they may be very upset in certain situations. Just know that this behaviour is indicative of their trust and love of you. We project emotions on those that are closest to us in life, and this is a great example. One addition here- do your research. Especially if you’re just starting to date someone that’s been impacted by hearing loss, arming yourself with the right knowledge will not only impress your significant other, but will clear up any confusion that you may have.


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