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Navigating Retirement with Hearing Loss

Tuesday, January 30, 2018 10:14:41 AM Australia/Melbourne

Navigating Retirement with Hearing LossCongratulations! You’ve officially reached the magical age. No, we’re not talking about when you can first legally drive, when you can drink under your national ordinances, or the dozens of other milestones that people around the world look forwards to. Those probably pale in comparison if you’ve been monitoring a countdown for this day. We're talking about the “r” word – retirement. You’ve put in the decades of work. But if you’ve dealt with hearing loss, you may be wary about the years ahead. You may be concerned that your quality of life will change, or that you won’t be able to participate in activities in which you find pleasure. Never fear! Hearlink is here. Let’s take a look at some tips to help you navigate retirement with hearing loss:


Be Upfront

We live in a world that’s advancing at an alarming pace. Your hearing impairment should not interfere with almost all of the activities that you’d like to spend your time doing. Just make sure that the host or hostess organizing is aware. They can tailor the activity to you, with small adjustments, or recommend equally enjoyable alternatives.


Be Open-minded

There has long since been a stigma associated with hearing loss. This is disheartening for Hearlink. Thanks to modern technology, devices narrow the distinction between 100% hearing and any variations. If you’re learning for the first time that you’re hearing is depleting, know that no doors are closing in your life.


Be Educated

The hearing aids, which may have sufficed for the last ten years, may have evolved exponentially. You may be wearing a device, which completely ignores your needs. You could be wearing a device, which enhances your favourite hobbies- like listening to live music, or going to the cinema. Ask your audiologist or general doctor regularly, about updates in audiology technology. You’ll be glad that you did.


Be Diligent

Diligence combines each of the above tips, and provides a strict reminder to explore in-home care, find an audiologist that you connect with, and ensure that you’re attending all check-ups that your general doctor recommends. Hearlink cannot stress either of these enough. Your health is not stagnant; it is dynamic, it is evergreen, it is ever-changing. Certain habits like healthy sleep, exercise and proper eating can amplify the strengths that your body can demonstrate, but they’re no substitute for talking to an expert about where your hearing and your general health are at.


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