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Mid-Year Health Checklist

Wednesday, July 25, 2018 9:28:10 AM Australia/Melbourne

Mid-Year Health ChecklistWe’re more than halfway through 2018 and if you’re anything like the vast majority of those around the world (Australia and beyond), your initial New Year’s Resolutions have probably gone right down the toilet. In fact, there are very few that make it beyond January – It’s why your regular gym or fitness studio is probably crammed during January but for some suspect reason, empties out in February. We understand why this happens. You go into the new year with a feeling of a blank slate, that amazing freedom of knowing that you can wipe the mistakes of the last year away and be a brand-new person. But hey, depending on where you live, that January can either feel very dreary or just far too hot to get after that new green eating plan and those daily exercise sessions. Sometimes by February, (bonus kudos for March) you just tell yourself that next year is the year!


Never fear, Hearlink is here. We’re passionate about the health of your ears, but we’re also dedicated towards setting you up for success when it comes to your general health. We can’t reiterate enough that every system of your body depends on others. When your weight feels your best, your heart-rate and energy feel your best. When you take care of your ears, all of your other cognitive systems benefit. It’s a friendly reminder that every little decision that you make, can benefit you far more than you know.


Back to July. We’ll give you initial props for making it this far. And hopefully you’ve kept on your regular doctor’s appointments of all varieties as well as exploring the self-care that makes you feel your best. That is tending to be a large trend today across different generations and it’s totally open to interpretation. Whether it’s a yoga class, a massage, meditating, or choosing to eat a little bit healthier, you’re doing the right thing for you. Back to the appointments. We recently shared information around this on the Hearlink blog, especially when it comes to the cadence that you should hold for your regular appointments.


What else should make your mid-year checklist? It’s an important time to level set on all sorts of different levels. Ask your doctor if you have any vitamin deficiencies or if there are any foods that you should integrate more fully into your diet. We also recommend that you take advantage of free exercise classes at different studios to determine what sorts of physical activity you enjoy. You may have been a runner for years and years and find a brand-new love of dance.


Why do we bring these things up on the Hearlink blog? Because as mentioned before (and we’ll recommend it time and time again), health is holistic and all-encompassing. When you keep an eye on your diet, when you get the right levels of sleep, when you put yourself in environments where the health of your ears is at the forefront of your mind, you’re ready to take on the rest of the year.

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