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Let’s Make the Holidays Enjoyable for the Hearing Impaired

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 1:28:10 PM Australia/Melbourne

Let’s Make the Holidays Enjoyable for the Hearing ImpairedThe holidays can be a wonderful, but stressful time of year, even if you’re in the most perfect of health. You know that you have several weeks ahead of you, full of get-togethers—dinner parties, and cocktail parties and family parties and friend parties. There may even be a work holiday party for you on the horizon. It’s an abundance of food and drink, and the goal is to feel grateful and full of joy, but for many- this is the most stressful time of the year.


Think about your most stress-filled holiday season. Now imagine that you are one of the millions in the area that suffers from hearing impairments. Are your stressors now feeling a little bit less stressful? We imagine so. As an act of compassion and awareness, here are several easy-to-follow tips to make this holiday season an enjoyable one for those with hearing impairments:


When designing your party set-up, keep round tables in mind. We’ll start with the most obscure piece of advice—what have round tables to do with hearing impairment? Far more than you’d think, actually. When you choose round tables for your next dinner with family or friends, those gathered around can all see the mouth of the person that’s speaking. They can then properly engage and enjoy the conversation without having to play catch-up or try to determine what the person at the far end of the table is saying. This is an easy way to ensure that those with hearing impairments feel properly included in the festivities.


Keep an eye on Santa’s beard. Again, where do we get these, right? We promise, we’re not off our rockers. When Santa has a particularly bushy beard, those with hearing impairments are not able to properly see his mouth, reducing their chances of properly interacting with him. This can be particularly devastating to younger ones. There is no shame in calling ahead to explain the circumstances, or even visiting in advance. This is one experience that should be as much fun as possible for the children.


Turn on the closed captioning. Closed captioning is a technological advancement that audiologists, everywhere, appreciate. With it, those with hearing impairments are able to properly appreciate the magic of cinema, far better than they could before. There are few times throughout the year when this is as advantageous. For with closed captioning, those with hearing impairments can actually appreciate holiday classics along with their family and friends. You can only act out or dictate some of the more classic scenes so well. Closed captioning is automatically offered with most television providers, sometimes even directly on your television set. If you can’t quite figure it out, we recommend reaching out to your television service provider. The joy and gratitude that you’ll receive in return, are positively priceless.


We’re just getting started with the holiday fun. Check back in for more tips over the coming weeks on ensuring that this season is one for the books.

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