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Keeping Your Hearing Costs Down

Sunday, April 10, 2016 6:19:13 PM Australia/Melbourne

Let’s be clear, right off the bat. The most cost-effective way to take care of your ears, is always prevention. Prevention is apparent in many different ways. It means turning down your music when you’re driving, and turning down the volume of your television when you’re watching the big game with friends. It means wearing headphones if you work in a noisy environment or choosing a career path where the environment noise is at a much lower level.


Losing your hearing is a very complex condition. Many oversimplify its degree of severity, simply by buying a hearing aid. They equate the purchase to buying a pair of reading glasses over the counter at your local store. But as those of you who are affected know (and that’s not just the individuals with impairments…that’s also the family and friends who surround you every day), a hearing aid can be just be an accessory in the greater scheme of things.


Keeping Your Hearing Costs DownHere at Hearlink, we believe that knowledge is power and that our community of patients and customers should always be empowered with the bigger picture. One of our guiding principles is transparency, and you can bet that we’ll always abide by it. This means that asking the right questions will ensure that you’re involved in the process and an informed consumer in the story of your hearing health.


We are so fortunate to live in a country whose Commonwealth Hearing Services Program makes many around the world green with envy. The country’s Commonwealth Hearing Services Program is administered by the Office of Hearing Services (or OHS). So what does the program have to offer? Services of a world-class caliber to all citizens under the age of 26. These are available at clinics around the country to eligible patients through Australian Hearing. They use a voucher system and vet private-provider audiology clinics.


So how successful has this approach been? Well, numbers released from the Hearing Care Industry Association show that more than 600,000 people have used the Office of Hearing Services program in some capacity year over year. While the country distributed and sold 400,000 hearing aids in one year, about 300,000 came through the program.


Currently about one in six citizens of the country have some degree of hearing loss. Four of these six could benefit from a model of hearing aid, but only one of those four actually use and own. The same study has shown that those impacted take up to ten years to actively search for a solution to their hearing impairments.


Hearlink feels very fortunate to not only be based in a country that puts such an emphasis on proper care for hearing, but to be able to make a difference in so many of our patients lives. We hope to grow this number year over year, and ensure that those impacted are receiving the customized solutions that they deserve.


Questions? Feel free to reach out to the Hearlink team. We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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