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Investing in Hearing Companion Dogs

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 10:20:14 AM Australia/Melbourne

Investing in Hearing Companion DogsFor many of us, it’s easy enough to find a reason why we need cute little puppies. Or kitties, or birdies—whatever floats your boat. There’s something about their innocence that just pulls you right in! But dogs especially can serve far greater benefits. When properly trained, they can be partners-in-crime for men and women with a myriad of health issues. When you see dogs and other companion animals on airplanes, it’s likely because they’re helping to put their owners at ease, alleviating fear and stress caused by flying.  


That being said, most of the animals that you normally see in this capacity, are trained to help those with sight issues. There are also hearing dogs. And today, Hearlink is going to walk through the basics. They are, as the name would imply, trained to help hearing-impaired individuals. Hearing dogs go through months of intensive training, but the benefits are infinite.


Let’s first examine, what someone with a hearing impairment, would have to do in order to qualify for a hearing dog. We’re talking about an audience of eighteen years and older, the person who is applying needs to fill out the application. You can’t ask a parent or family member to do it, this is an adventure that you need to seize for yourself. To that point, you still need a partner-in-crime who either lives with you or could spend copious amounts of time with you, and help you with the training process. This makes it much smoother for both you and the dog.


The application process is designed to be intensive, because all parties involved need to feel comfortable at the end of it. Whatever agency you’re working with, is going to gauge whether your home is suitable for the dog that you’re working with. It’s not even 100% over, when the paperwork is signed and the dog moves in. The agency will do check-ins on a yearly basis, to make sure things are still going swimmingly.


You’ve probably heard the saying, “dogs are a man’s (or woman’s) best friend.” This saying is brought to life during the hearing dog training process. The dogs who are being trained are not only focused on your safety, but they’re also focused on your friendship.


On to the training specifics. The course can be as short as six months. It can be as long as eight months. Trainee Hearing Dogs are put through an intensive socialization program where they are trained to accompany their future owners into shops, restaurants, workplaces and public transport. The second part of the training focuses on alerting their future owners to sounds. All trainees are taught to respond and physically alert their owners to a number of common sounds including mobile phones, people at the door, alarm clocks, babies crying and smoke alarms.


With more and more experience, dog and owner learn personality nuances and whether they’ll really click.

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