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Introducing- 2017 Audiology Trends

Sunday, January 15, 2017 3:59:23 PM Australia/Melbourne

Introducing 2017 Audiology TrendsAh, a new year. The best excuse for clean slates, starting over, becoming a whole new YOU. Some people dread this, others embrace it. It’s driven by resolutions or goals for the year. One of Hearlink’s consistent resolutions or goals is to ensure that our valued base of customers is properly educated about not only our products and services, but products and services offered throughout the industry. When you’re in the driver’s seat of your health decisions, you’ll feel far more empowered and confident in your decisions. You may even develop a bit of the passion that the Hearlink team has about the industry of audiology. So we strive to share news and trends that we find. We may agree with them and we may not, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is ensuring that you have the breadth of knowledge to give you the big picture.


What is the big picture today? Today, the big picture is talking about hearing aid and audiology trends for the coming year. What processes or research breakthroughs do we see coming down the pipeline? What product lines should we be keeping an eye on for enhancements and new models of old favorites? How are we performing as an industry, in an effort to meet the growing needs of those with hearing impairments. In a nutshell, how can we keep you on trend for the coming year? We can do so, by regularly sharing highlights of the year ahead. Today, we kick off a new series of posts, targeting 2017 audiology trends.


Trends can mean different things to different people, and while this series will generally target specific technologies and products, we also feel that it’s important to share the big picture. So today, we’re talking about the aspirational goals of the hearing industry.


Did you know that back in 2015, hearing aid production around the world met about 10% of the need at the time? In developing countries, this number was even more of a wake-up call, where supply only met 3% of the demand. This means that the opportunity was HUGE. It continues to be very large, as those impacted with hearing loss only grow in number, year over year.


We’ve got big goals, as a global market, we hope to help reach roughly $7 billion by end of 2024. This means a potential market surge of about 4.5% (per the resources of Transparency Market Research).


How do we reach such a large number? The key word that will underline the vast majority of Hearlink’s goals, (you’ve probably already guessed it) is AWARENESS. We hope to spread awareness with our site in general, but more specifically with our blog and posts like this one. We hope that these posts will serve as one of many tools in the coming months to educate our friends and neighbors about hearing loss—what it is, what it means for you, how to help mitigate it and what role Hearlink can play in this process.


Questions? Comments about any of the above? Feel free to reach out to the Hearlink team via phone, email or our Website. We would love to connect.

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