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Important Clarifications About Hearing Loss

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 11:08:51 AM Australia/Melbourne

We live in the information age, so there is no shortage of information about hearing loss. Every time you turn on the television or the radio, you may be learning something new. Whether you’ve been recently impacted by hearing loss, or have been dealing with its effects your entire life, the chances are high that you’ve run into many conflicting pieces of information, coming from many different mediums.


Important Clarifications About Hearing LossHearlink deals with those impacted by hearing loss, each and every day. We’re passionate about hearing loss and we’re passionate about those that we’re fortunate to see and treat. Our customers and patients become friends, we really learn to understand not just their hearing impairment, but their personalities. Their wants and dreams, their quirks and irks. Today, we focus on the irks. While we’ll barely scratch the surface, here are frequently shared clarifications that many impacted by hearing loss, wish that you knew:


Their hearing loss bears no relation to their intelligence. Just because they may respond incorrectly to your question or ignore you in line at the store, they didn’t do it on purpose. Chances are much more likely that they misheard your question or didn’t hear you at all, while waiting at the store.


They don’t need you to speak for them. You may think that you’re doing a favor for someone impacted by hearing loss, the next time you speak up and answer a question for them. In reality, you’re doing them a disservice. They prefer if the question is repeated so that they’re able to answer for themselves. First of all, because they’re able to. Second of all, it sharpens their cognitive skillsets when they can practice hearing and question answering in conversations. Finally, it can be demeaning and/or insulting, if they’re not given the opportunity to do so.


Hearing aids and glasses work very differently. When you put on a pair of glasses with a prescription, hopefully the objects around you are brought into clarity, with much higher focus. That’s not the case with hearing aids. Though they amplify sounds, they’re just enhancing the volume, not necessarily the clarity. Hearing aids can be an even bigger challenge, due to a lot of white noise or background noise.


Hearing loss takes a lot of energy to treat. Think about all of your friends and loved ones that have perfect hearing, their lives are difficult enough. Now subtract that hearing and ponder how they navigate their days. Hearing feels so automatic to those that are not impacted. Recently we learned of a cool analogy that might bring this idea to life. On the television show Wheel of Fortune, there is a board game where some letters are filled in while others are left blank. You may be familiar with it. Think about the contestants trying to make sense of this misshapen word, while only being aware of some of the letters or sounds. Hearing can be just like that, especially in fast conversations. Those impacted by hearing loss, are likely trying to catch up.

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