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HMC Helps Thousands with Hearing Aids

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 10:50:52 AM Australia/Melbourne

HMC Helps Thousands with Hearing Aids

The Hearlink team loves to shine a light on the good in the world. We’re already passionate about positively changing the lives of those impacted by hearing loss, and part of that is the information sharing that we do on this blog. We search high and low for articles that will be entertaining and informative. Sometimes these veer towards the practical side; we like to discuss processes and products that will ensure that your hearing journey is a simple and easy one.


This month is especially exciting because we celebrated World Hearing Day. In fact, we just celebrated it on March 3 with a variety of events all over the world. We talk a lot about the events in Australia where we’re based, but today – we’re going global. In fact, we’re headed to Qatar, where the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) will be raising awareness about the increasing prevalence of hearing loss. Not just that, they’ll be talking about an issue that’s incredibly important to us – the preventative actions that each of us can take in order to protect our hearing, regardless of age and gender.


Here’s a quote from Dr. Khalid Abdul Hadi, the Senior Consultant of Hearing and Balance Disorders as well as the Director the Audiology and Balance Unit:


“We have arranged a number of activities including lectures, school visits, and a community day event to raise the public’s awareness of hearing loss, which affects over 466 million people worldwide.”


The attendance will be amazing. More than five thousand people will be fitted with hearing aids. The hearing aids will be fitted by the Audiology and Balance Unit. This unit has already helped more than 200 people hear again with cochlear implants since they were founded in 2003. The goal now? Add to that number with ladies and gentlemen that can hear for the first time.


This is an especially cool clinic as we look at our community around the world. Located in an area that is equipped with many resources but hasn’t been promoted nearly as much as it should have been, the Audiology and Balance unit (in its own words) “provides a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment program, caring for adults and children who are experiencing hearing loss. The early diagnosis of hearing loss in children is especially important, as hearing impairments can lead to delayed development of listening and spoken language skills.”


We don’t focus on Qatar a lot, but there’s quite a lot going on in the audiology realm there. The city is recognized as one of the world’s leaders as far as early detection of hearing weakness and loss go. A lot of this is thanks to the founding of the National Centre of Early Detection of Hearing Loss, who provides hearing screening to the babies born in the area.


Hearing about programs like these only propels that of Hearlink forwards. We’re inspired and motivated by programs in the world around us and dedicated towards sharing them with our valued community of readers.

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