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Hearlink’s Mission to Give Back

Saturday, February 13, 2016 7:35:13 PM Australia/Melbourne

We like to think that the Hearlink mission doesn’t stop once those with hearing impairments are treated. Our ethos is rooted in the journey to bring the advancements in audiology to as many people as possible in the area. The conversation isn’t over, in our opinions, once the diagnosis has been delivered and treatment plans are in place. Our relationship with each and every one of our patients begins with a ‘hello’ and lasts a lifetime.


The most successful audiologists that we’ve seen, both on our team, and in the industry in general, dedicate themselves to the well-rounded wellbeing of their patients and their families. They know that if you are hearing impaired, that’s going to impact many other facets of your life. They also know that if you’re hearing impaired, it’s going to also effect those around you- like family and friends. They assist with recommendations for literature and industry events, and they’re also just there to talk. You shouldn’t feel confined to a 9-5 schedule, you should feel as if your needs are always being met, no matter what time of day. You should never feel wary of reaching out to your audiologist, no matter what your question may be, or if you just need someone to talk to who will understand.


Hearlink’s Mission to Give BackWe’re also very cognizant that not everyone has the means for the audiology services that they so dearly need and deserve. We have a program in effect which accepts hearing aids that are still in working condition. We donate these to a variety of different organizations, which oversee hearing rehabilitation programs in developing countries all over the world. We accept all sorts of different types of hearing aids. We also accept assistive listening devices. These include amplified personal listeners. We see this as our commitment customer family donating the gift of hearing on, to others who need it just as much. If you’re being fitted with new hearing aids with Hearlink, we’ll reimburse between $150 and $300 for each hearing aid device. 


Our ethos is built on continuously giving back. This doesn’t just mean with our skills and our talents, but also with the materials that we use. We highly advocate for the act of recycling the batteries found in your hearing aids. You can bring in the used batteries from your hearing aid so that we can dispose of them safely and carefully, in a way that won’t harm the planet and will minimize both our, and your carbon footprint. You can check out this community service opportunity at our Moonee Ponds location. This is a program that we run in collaboration with the Batteryback program that is run by Sustainability Victoria. Batteryback is running a wonderful program that ensures any used batteries aren’t ending up in landfills or in the hands of children that may try to swallow them.


Questions? Want to start your own program in your area or get involved? Feel free to reach out! We’d love to share more information.

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