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Hearing Loss Sources That You Might Not Expect

Thursday, August 4, 2016 6:34:30 PM Australia/Melbourne

Do you remember your first doctor’s appointment? A bright room full of instruments that you didn’t know the name or use of, and a smiling doctor who checked all of your vitals? Hopefully you’ve had several more since then, becoming more and more familiar with the best ways to live a healthy lifestyle, and those pesky things to avoid in order to remain in good health.


Hearing Loss Sources That You Might Not ExpectAt some point in those doctor’s appointments, you probably had your hearing checked. You had your ear probed and examined, and were informed if they were in tip top shape. Whether they were or weren’t, we’re guessing that your doctors still gave you a heads up on what factors play into general hearing loss. They’re not rocket science—we’re talking about things like not listening to music at top volume, being aware of your surroundings in the workplace, and not putting your ear directly next to loud machinery.


If you’ve listened to these, as well as the rest of your doctor’s respective advice, you’re probably in good shape. But the Hearlink team wants you to be in GREAT shape. So we dig deep. We think about the extraneous, the obtuse, the out there factors that can play into hearing loss. Here are several that you’ll want to keep an eye (and an ear) out for:


First up—diabetes. As if it wasn’t already fun enough, recent studies have shown that those suffering from diabetes are about 200% more likely to suffer from a degree of hearing loss. Those with pre-diabetes aren’t exempt. They’re still looking about a 30% increased rate over those not suffering at all.  


Weight gain can also have an impact on your hearing. Recent studies done by a hospital in Boston, Massachusetts found that when those surveyed had increased BMI, their hearing suffered. Sounds like an odd connection, doesn’t it? Further research is needed on this one, and the jury is out on the cause. The correlation may be a strain put on the capillaries that provide oxygen to the ear.


Dealing with a cold or a nasty infection? Those antibiotics that you may be taking may also be having a negative effect on your health. If they’re ototoxic, they can be toxic to the inner ear and cause hearing loss later on down the road. Luckily, you probably won’t run into these unless you’re dealing with a major bacterial infection.


Have we frightened you enough? Definitely not our intent. You’re already ahead of the game by exploring the Hearlink blog. Between the decades of experience that our staff have to offer, as well as the plethora of resources that we aim to share with our customers and patients, you’re set up with the best prescription possible. That prescription is knowledge. Questions about any of the above? Give us a shout. Hopefully by now you’ve realized just how passionate we are about the work we do, and how passionate we are about our readers.

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