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Hearing Loss at Big Events

Monday, February 5, 2018 9:09:05 AM Australia/Melbourne

Hearing Loss at Big EventsThere’s one major event on the horizon, and people can’t seem to stop talking about it. They’re gossiping for big reason – the Olympics are the most storied sporting event of all time. Each time around, the host city, the visiting athletes, and the most current pop culture phenomenon – all of these play into the success of the event, and the legacy that it leaves behind.


We’ve spoken in the past about the amazing athletes who have overcome barriers associated with hearing loss. They’re a growing number, and they come from all over the world. Whether they’ve become cognizant of hearing loss at a young age, or if this is a new update for their health, each has pushed through the challenges and some have even come home with the gold.


Today, we’d like to shift the focus. We’re sure that thousands from all over the globe will be descending on Pyeongchang in South Korea. Attendees are booking their flights and their hotels. They’re creating their itineraries and checking them twice. And they’re optimizing said itineraries so that they can see all of the big-ticket items.


Here at Hearlink, we’re pretty familiar with the big-ticket items at exciting events like this one. We know that they mean higher decibel volumes, more background noise and potentially even grating or harmful sounds. These can range from the gun that sounds the beginning of the event, across the spectrum to rowdy fans. These are commonplace elements and part of the fun, but for those impacted by hearing loss, they can be detrimental to the experience.


Never fear, the Hearlink team has come to play. Read on for a synopsis of our favourite tips for navigating hearing loss at big events:


Bring your hearing aid


It sounds like the most obvious piece of advice, but for some reason, it’s the biggest that those impacted tend to overlook. Maybe it’s because your hearing aid is such a typical part of your daily routine at home. When you remove yourself from the comfort of routine, pieces can easily be dropped. Set a reminder on your phone or calendar, double-check your packing list and remind yourself how much happier you’ll be with your hearing aid on hand.


Do your research on the venue


Yes, you’re probably extremely excited that you and your family or friends have been able to procure tickets. But if they’re right next to the music system, a frequently-used exit, or even worse—far removed from the noise of the commentary, that can negatively impact your experience. If you know where your tickets are, you can do your due diligence to plan ahead for any other key things that you’ll need to bring.


Use your eyes


Yes, the commentary and the cheering are huge parts of the Olympics, but think about the amazing things that you’ll be able to see. Make a conscious effort to let yourself experience the event. Put down your phone, put away your camera, let your eyes be your guide for this once-in-a-lifetime experienced.

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