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Hearing Benefits Absent from Insurance Plans in Other Countries

Thursday, April 14, 2016 9:56:34 PM Australia/Melbourne

Hearing Benefits Absent from Insurance Plans in Other CountriesAs noted in past Hearlink blog posts, our customers and patients in Australia are quite lucky. We are fortunate that our government sees the value in hearing aid benefits within our health programs. However, this is not the case around the world. A recent survey, released by Workforce Magazine, reported that employee wellness programs are increasingly dropping hearing benefits off of their plans. This is in direct contradiction of more and more research released which is showing the hearing loss impacts more broad health implications. These include cardiovascular disease, dementia and depression, among many others. Not exactly the sorts of health conditions that you want your employees to be experiencing in the workplace on a day-to-day basis.


“People expect that the major medical companies will cover hearing aids, but unfortunately most of them don’t,” says Dru Coleman, Sales and Marketing Manager with EPIC Hearing Healthcare. “The rising costs of hearing aids can be excessive and there’s no rhyme or reason to it.”


A staggering average of 92% of employee wellness programs were missing hearing health benefits, according to this specific survey.


This is eye-opening for a lot of institutions and educational facilities, and it’s starting some really important conversations. Most employers don’t realize that the benefits aren’t being offered until it’s too late. When they’re made aware of this gap in health benefits, they’ve been swift to update their plans. Specific to the United States, there is one notable exception—the teachers of the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. There are more than 6000 teachers in this group and the director of benefits, David Hines, is going to bat for them. “If I’m going to offer benefits to help my teachers to do their jobs better, this made sense. If you think about the constant noise and the drone that teachers are exposed to every day, it puts them at risk. We try to help them improve their health and their performance. This was a low-cost way to do that.”


Hearing loss is impacting younger and younger age demographics. More and more, the general population is staying in the workforce longer, until they’re at much older ages. However, there is new epidemiological evidence, indicating that hearing loss is encroaching from the 40 year-old age range, into the thirties and twenties.


The best way to fix this problem, is to continue these conversations. There are all sorts of avenues for you to have these conversations with your employer or with a growing community of those impacted. Bring facts, bring numbers and bring recommendations on ways to ensure your team members at work will have their hearing protected for years to come. Not sure how to get involved? The Hearlink team has a number of recommendations, as well as events to check out to gain a more robust understanding of the industry environment. We are always more than happy to chat with you about your needs, questions, suggestions and recommendations, so reach out at your convenience.

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