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How You Can Give Back to Those with Hearing Loss

Sunday, August 5, 2018 9:46:10 AM Australia/Melbourne

How You Can Give Back to Those with Hearing LossIf you’re familiar with the mission of Hearlink and our team, you know that we’re dedicated to improving the hearing quality of everyone around us. That means our customers, that means our patients, that means our avid blog readers and prospective future visitors. We see this as a vital piece of the future of healthcare and the success of our next generation. We’re officially seeing the least active generation in generation of kids, and we fear that this is a problem that will only continue to increase. This is amplified by environments like concerts and sporting events, as well the evolution of entertainment and technology. When combined, they’re a recipe for disaster. So, beyond our services and products offered, the Hearlink team believes it’s important to promote ways that we can give back to audiology, as a community. Here are some of our favourite organizations around the area:


Association of Late-Deafened Adults – Also known as ALDA, the group aims to provide role models, share educational resources and support channels for an older audience that is beginning to see the effects of hearing loss. They provide both private and public programs – each with a focus on the important research taking place.


Better Hearing Australia – better known as BHA, Better Hearing Australia has a storied history of providing assistance to those impacted by any degree of hearing loss. They’re the only independent advocacy and consumer advice organization in the country, as well as the longest running. Their research speaks for itself… After all, one in six Australians are already suffering from hearing loss and we know that this number will rise. BHA continues to succeed because they have so many branches in areas around the country, so it’s easy for them to turn around solutions for those with hearing impairments.


Deaf Children Australia – If you’re looking to support an organization with a focus on youth, this is a great one for you to check out. Their mission speaks for itself: “Deaf Children Australia inspires and empowers deaf and hard of hearing children and young people to reach their potential. We provide unbiased information and support to assist children, young people and their families to make their own informed decisions and achieve their goals and dreams.”


Shhh Australia – It’s not just a play on words. The company’s name is an acronym that stands for Self Help for Hard of Hearing People. The organization was founded and has evolved not just for the individuals with hearing loss, but to the communities that surround and support them. We’re talking about everyone from partners and family to caregivers and workmates. There are specific communication and engagement nuances that should be made to help those with hearing loss feel well-communicated to.


Check out each of the sites above to learn more about the volunteer opportunities that they have available for you. You can give as much time and money as you’re able. They appreciate every bit. Questions? Comments? Let us know. The Hearlink team would love to hear from you.

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