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Diving Into Our Mission Statement

Sunday, May 15, 2016 7:17:10 PM Australia/Melbourne

Diving Into Our Mission StatementEvery great organization has something in common, a mission and a vision for what they want to achieve. It might be founded on small beginnings, or it might be a universal truth that every employee contributes to, but it’s what all business decisions within the company are based on, align with. Hearlink is no exception. We’ve written about it before, but we must reiterate the importance of our mission statement. Because it’s something that we pledge to stand behind, no matter what. Every product in our inventory must align with our mission statement. Every conversation that we have with a customer, with a patient, with a family member of a customer or a patient, must align with our mission statement. It’s our accountability, something we must be held to, in order to not only be a leader in the industry, but drive the industry to levels we know that it can reach.


So what is the Hearlink mission statement? You can find it on the hub of our Website, and chances are that we’ll reiterate it over and over on this blog, but here’s a reminder-


At HEARLINK we're here to help you with every aspect of your hearing health, whether it's loss prevention, testing, finding solutions that will help you hear better. We promise to always provide professional services with integrity, competence, objectivity and independence.


There are a couple of keywords that our mission statement are focused around—integrity, competence, objectivity and independence. So what do those words mean to us and what are they so important?


Integrity—this world needs more of it. This industry definitely needs more of it. Your audiology professionals need to be your advocates. You should be able to depend on us for transparent communication. You should be able to depend on us for honest communication with no fluff and no lies. We guarantee pricing that makes sense for you, and advice that makes sense for you. No two cases are the same and we understand that.

Competence—Hearlink employs and works with the best of the best. We set our standards high and our team members need to meet these standards. They’re been through every certification and taken every class, but that’s not it. They want to push the boundaries on their education and continue learning, so that they can share their competence with you.

Objectivity—We’re not pushing any agenda, except your health and happiness. We’re not trying to sell you specific product lines or treatments. We walk into every consultation and conversation with open minds and clean slates. We do this so that you can put your trust in us.

Independence—Hearlink is fortunate to operate in a country supported by a wonderful infrastructure in the healthcare arena, but that doesn’t mean that we depend on any groups or individuals for our success. We’ve built this on our own with you in mind, and will continue to grow in the same way.


Questions? Reach out to us. We’ll be happy to talk with you about our mission statement, our services, anything that’s on your mind.

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