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Dispelling Hearing Myths- The Cinema

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 11:22:06 AM Australia/Melbourne

Dispelling Hearing Myths- The CinemaAre you ever frustrated by the myths and tall tales that you hear from your family and friends? Most likely it’s one specific member of your clan who tends to weave the tales, are we right? Hearlink has to dispel a lot of these, especially as they relate to your hearing. We are extremely dedicated to sharing correct and comprehensive information on the broadest scale possible. Too many of our current and prospective customers and patients are concerned when they reach out. They think that their lives as they know them are over, due to their hearing impediment. This is so far from the case and it’s time that someone said so. So starting today, Hearlink will regularly dispel a hearing myth. No better activity to start with, than attending a film. What? You thought this was off the table? Let us discuss why your cinema going days are far from over.


Yes, there are initial challenges involved. There’s an archipelago of noise when it comes to the movies. The horns begin blaring as soon as the soundtrack kicks off. Yet, the dialogue can be very muted depending on the situation on the screen. It’s not like there’s an opportunity to say, “Hey, Russell Crowe—can you speak up?” (NOTE- If any of our valued customers and patients out there do have this kind of access, please let us know.)


But there are two ingredients that even the most cunning of villains has overlooked when it comes to cinema regulars with hearing impediments. They’re captions, and noise-canceling headphones. Sounds like a dynamic duo doesn’t it? And their purpose is simple. They go after both of the issues detailed above. Noise-canceling headphones were created so that conversations in real-life could be heard without the blare of background environment noise. Why shouldn’t they achieve the exact same result when you’re reclining in a quiet theater. All of a sudden, the wail of violins is much quieter and you can actually catch the witty quips that the main actor and actress are trading in the foreground.


This is where captions come into play. True, they’re not available in every film or at every locale. But a brief search on the World Wide Web, or a short phone call to a member of the Hearlink team, and you’ll have a guide to the hot spots for those with hearing impediments. There’s a vast community of those impacted with hearing loss in the local area, and communities tend to band together. Communities also tend to not miss the latest blockbuster, in fact they like to gab about it quite a bit. With the help of captions, you won’t worry about what subtle nuances you’ve missed, or worse- have to continuously nudge your Aunt for the entirety of the movie to determine what, if anything, you may have missed.


Are there activities that you and those closest to you feel like you can’t fully enjoy due to your hearing impediment? Let us know, we’d love to dispel your hearing tall tale.

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