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How to Deal With Adult Ear Infections

Thursday, June 15, 2017 12:04:27 AM Australia/Melbourne

How to Deal With Adult Ear InfectionsHere are Hearlink, we deal with a lot of misconceptions around hearing loss. Many of them make total sense, because they’re the way that society or advertising describes certain inflictions. One of the biggest misconceptions that we see is that hearing loss or ear infections only impact those of a young age. It’s like once you pass the magic age threshold of adulthood, you’re off the hook. To those who are reading this and know otherwise through personal experience, you’re probably laughing or at least empathizing. To those who this is new news, we’re sorry if it’s a big of a mind-boggler. But as with most sicknesses, injuries, and health afflictions—you’re probably stuck with the possibility well into old age.


The interesting difference here, is how you deal with them, dependent on your age. When you were young, you may have limited memory of doctor’s office visits, of lollipops when you left, potentially painful nights when you were dealing with ear infections and perhaps life-long experience dealing with tinnitus or hearing aids. But if you’re just experiencing ear pain for the first time now as an adult, do not fear. There is nothing “wrong” with you, there is nothing to be overly concerned about, you should feel like that this is the first time that you’re dealing with ear infection. Here are several things to be aware of, as an adult dealing with ear pain:


  • Ear infections are common in infants and children. They’re not as common in adults. There’s a reason for this. While infants, toddlers and children are developing, their Eustachian tubes in their ears can become more easily blocked. Their immune systems are still developing, and their susceptible to many more bugs and much more dirt as they’re learning to explore their surroundings.
  • Adults on the other hand, can normally point to bacteria entering the ear, when it comes to their hearing infections. The same bacteria will infect the ear and block the tubes mentioned above. The other result can be fluid build-up, which can equate to either an infection or even potentially balance issues.
  • Dealing with a cold? Allergies? A sinus infection? All can impact your ears and potentially cause pain. If you already know you have one of these, make sure that you share the ear pain with your doctor, but don’t jump to conclusions that you have a secondary affliction going on.
  • You don’t often see a young child with a cigarette in his or her mouth, (at least we hope not!) but unfortunately—you see this frequently in adults. As if there aren’t enough reasons to kick the habit, smoking can exacerbate allergies, colds, sinus infections, and yes- hearing loss. So add it to the list of habits to break, and your ears (among many other parts of your body and your life) will thank you.


Luckily, adult immune systems are much more advanced than our younger counterparts. This means that a brief doctor’s visit and sometimes antibiotics should clear it up in a snap. Regardless, Hearlink cannot reinforce enough, the importance of early and often awareness. When in doubt, call your local general doctor or audiologist.

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