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Could Smoking Lead to Hearing Loss?

Thursday, July 7, 2016 8:26:20 PM Australia/Melbourne

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Could Smoking Lead to Hearing Loss?Today, a focus on smoking. Tobacco, pipes, cigars, cigarettes, even the newfangled e-cigarettes, it doesn’t matter. They all serve as catalysts for many ailments and organ development failures. As if there aren’t enough detrimental side effects to smoking already out there, now another one joins the pack (no pun intended). A leading university in the UK just released research creating a link between hearing loss and smoking. The research focuses on the suggestion that those who smoke regularly are going to be much more likely to incur hearing loss down the line. This research further supports findings from the University of Manchester. These initial findings showed that those indulging in smoking currently would see a full 15% higher likelihood of hearing loss. 15% just from smoking? The numbers are astounding.


Multiple different audiences of different genders, ages and demographics were surveyed. The results were culled from a group of 160,000 adults around the country. Subsets of this audience included both smokers and non-smokers, both passive smokers and those not exposed to smoke at all. As you may imagine, smokers are not the only ones directly at risk, exposure to secondhand smoke may impact hearing loss up to 28%. This number is even higher, and even more widespread. The same secondhand, delayed effects can be applicable for ex-smokers who can develop hearing loss at a later point in life.


So what’s the correlation? The two don’t seem to go hand-in-hand. Many professionals believe that this speaks to the idea that positive lifestyle choices play a prominent role in the success of organs like your ears. These same lifestyle choices have been linked to dementia and early-onset dementia.


“The information shows how much current lifestyle choices can have an effect on your health later on in life,” says Dr. Pier Dawes, the Head of Biomedical Research at Action for Hearing Loss. Dawes also believes that this research will help support discussion that while many believe that hearing loss is an obvious result of old age, that’s not always the case.


This research isn’t a definite end-all, be-all, much more will need to be carried out. The study took place in the UK where alone 10 million are affected. You can only imagine what that number is worldwide. That being said, it’s great motivation for many companies, including Siemens to being development of new hearing aids. Here at Hearlink, that can only mean good news, whether its awareness programs, government resources, reading materials and product development, we’re always in favor of studies like this one.

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