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Could Coffee Help You Fight the Symptoms of Tinnitus?

Thursday, September 15, 2016 8:26:06 PM Australia/Melbourne

Could Coffee Help You Fight the Symptoms of Tinnitus?Regardless of which scientific study you’re reading, if it has to do with coffee, it’s most likely touting some kind of health benefit. Year after year, we’re discovering even more reasons to indulge in that cup first thing in the morning. It’s not just energy anymore, coffee grounds can be used to smooth skin, coffee itself can support heart health when consumed in the proper amounts. The Hearlink team is willing to bet that the health of your ears may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re choosing what kind of java to sip. But you may just be surprised…


New research has come to light that coffee may just limit the effects of tinnitus. This completely contradicts previous findings which thought that caffeine amplified the effects of tinnitus, due to its stimulus state.


For those unfamiliar, tinnitus describes a persistent noise in the ear. It can range from whistling and rumbling to hissing and ringing—all sorts of irritating noises which can interfere with your day-to-day life. It effects millions of people of all ages, all over the world. Though there isn’t one definitive cause of tinnitus, it can definitely be enhanced by habits like listening to music at a loud volume, or working in a noisy environment.


Doctors have put a lot of time and effort into determining ways to combat the symptoms of tinnitus. They have yet to find one cure, but they do suggest a range of therapies including exploring relaxation technique, digital hearing aids, noise-canceling headphones and counseling.


It’s always exciting to the Hearlink team and the industry at large when we’re able to discuss new findings which could change the game for the hearing impaired. Today’s findings are thanks to the Nurses’ Health Study II. The Nurses’ Health Study II polled a group of more than 70,000 women in the US. Their ages ranged from 30 to 44, and the study lasted more than 18 years. In this time span, a whopping 5,000 developed some degree of tinnitus. That’s 7% of the audience studied. While the hearing habits of this group were being studied, so was their intake of caffeine. Every day, they kept track of how many cups of coffee they had. What did the study find? Participants who had more than three cups of joe a day, had a 15% reduced chance of tinnitus development. Even more interesting? This number jumped up to 20% for the women that had more than four cups. You can check out the comprehensive study in the American Journal of Medicine.


This is a great finding, but scientists are still wondering about the why behind the correlation. One idea in flight is that caffeine stimulates the very delicate hair cells which are found in the inner ear. This research will continue over the coming years so that the researchers can deepen their understanding of this phenomenon.

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