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Celebrities with Hearing Loss

Monday, June 6, 2016 10:59:48 AM Australia/Melbourne

Much of Hearlink’s mission is rooted in empathy and the support network that we try to bring all those impacted by hearing loss. A lot of our first time patients, and sometimes our recurring patients, are particularly nervous about their journey ahead. They feel like they’re all alone, when really they’re surrounded by many of the brightest stars around.


That’s right, many of acting’s finest, the music industry’s finest, art’s finest, all have hearing impairments. Some are minor, and some have lost 100% of their hearing, but they all still shine their lights brightly on the world.


Celebrities with Hearing LossThe US recently wrapped up its 22nd season of the smash hit Dancing With The Stars. This year was particularly momentous because it celebrated the first hearing impaired winner—Nyle DiMarco. Nyle is a particular tour-de-France in the States, as he was also the first hearing impaired winner of The CW’s America’s Next Top Model in 2015. He has been quoted as, “viewing deafness as an advantage in modeling because he is accustomed to conveying messages without speaking.”


Nyle is not the only celebrity pushing through society’s barriers. Here are four more that you may just be surprised by:


  • Whoppi Goldberg- Whoppi, aged 60, is an Academy Award winner and the cohost of the television show “The View.” She admits that her hearing loss is due to many years of listening to music with the volume turned all of the way up. “Stop [hearing loss] in its tracks because not being to hear is a bit of a b—ch. I can tell you that from experience.”
  • Luis Miguel- Luis, aged 46, is a Mexican superstar singer. He attributes his hearing loss on the more than 30 years that he’s been in the spotlight singing. His tinnitus forced him to put his career on hold last year so that he could undergo treatment and get back to what he loves. “It is a condition that I can overcome and I think I’m controlling it to the best of my ability with the support of my dear people, doctors and the public.”
  • Bill Clinton- Bill Clinton, former President of the United States is just one of many baby boomers affected by hearing loss. Doctors diagnosed him with high-frequency hearing deficiency, which is one of the most commonly seen forms of hearing loss. Today, Clinton wears two in-canal hearing aids.
  • Robert Redford- Robert, aged 78, is a well-known actor who has starred in dozens of films. Its one of these films which cost him his hearing. When filming the 2013 movie “All is Lost,” he insisted on performing all of his own stunts. He was submerged in a massive water tank, which caused a severe ear infection and lost 60 percent of the hearing in his left ear.

    Each of these stars continues to do what they love. Hearlink believes that you should be able to do the same. Hearing impairment never defines you, only opens doors to your life ahead and the adventures that it can bring.

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