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How You Can Build Healthy Habits and Mitigate Tinnitus Symptoms

Friday, May 25, 2018 9:54:26 AM Australia/Melbourne

How You Can Build Healthy Habits and Mitigate Tinnitus Symptoms Tinnitus is an especially pesky condition involving hearing loss. It’s predominant calling card is ringing in the ears, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Those impacted also deal with confusion and misinformation as well as frustration, stress and even anxiety. Welcome to the Hearlink blog, where our team strives to share the information that will be most helpful to our valued community of customers and patients. We believe that hearing loss shouldn’t dictate your life, and the quality of your experiences every day should remain the same.


This blog is your hub, your one-stop-shop for anything related to hearing loss. We know that it doesn’t just affect your ears and tinnitus is the perfect example of this. Read on for healthy habits that will empower you to live your best life.


We know that it can be challenging to adopt new habits. In fact, research has shown that it takes a full 21 days for any habit to stick, both good and bad.


The habits themselves are simple and intuitive. They include meditation, relaxation routines, exercise and sound masking. But part of the challenge is the discipline, the willpower and the amount of hard work that need to go into the building of these habits.


But there is a host of science and research that support and provide support to build habits. One the source of these is someone that might surprise you. You’re probably more familiar with his ground-breaking work as a comedian in the 1990s and on the hit show “Seinfeld”, but Jerry Seinfeld also takes advantage of a productivity technique has now been termed “Don’t Break the Chain”.


Here’s how “Don’t Break the Chain” works: you write down all of the changes that you want to make. It doesn’t matter how big they are or how small they are, how realistic they or how much time they’ll end up taking. You can do the same thing for habits. Now, have a calendar handy. Whenever you complete your goals, you can cross out that date on the calendar. The visual is so simple, but such a successful reminder of when you’ve had a good day working on your habits or changes. You’re incentivized by a desire to, wait for it – not break the chain, that you’ll want to continue to track progress.


You’re probably wondering how this is applicable to Jerry. Mr. Seinfeld uses it to ensure that he writes jokes every day, but it can also help with tinnitus. It increases your motivation and your ability to commit to something. Try to use this technique to prompt you to meditate, to relax, to sound mask and complete any of the other simple but effective ways for you to mitigate your symptoms.


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